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Hi all! Starting my weight loss journey (again)!! Looking for easy meals that are heart healthy (a little obsessed in thinking I have CHD at the moment). Lunchtime always seems to be a struggle with healthy eating just because being home with my 6 m-old I usually grab the easiest thing from the fridge, i.e Sausage rolls, cheese, crisps, toast etc!! Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks



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14 Replies

  • Choose wisely, eggs are a great friend, food wise and cheap/healthy

  • Thanks for the reply Diana. The calories in egg are quite high tho, aren't they? Stocked up on salads today with smoked salmon but not that appetising in this chilly weather. ❄️❄️

  • Well no not really med egg is 65 cals , poached on toast with butter, just over 200 cals , or use 1 slice of smoked salmon, 45 cals instead of the butter!

    I tend to eat scrambled eggs, no butter on toast ( buttered) with a dash of semi skimmed milk.

    Buy a olive oil spray ( fry light uses emulsifying agents) easy to buy in tesco, Filip Bellero does one too, about 7 cals a spray!

    I must admit I tend to buy a box of 15 eggs at a time

  • Thanks very much Diana. Yes, I've never been too keen on the fry-light with the added nasties. I'll definitely have a look at the other ones tho and I'll get stocked up on the eggs. 😊

  • Agreed. An omelette made with tomatoes, onions and ham, for example, is surprisingly filling.

    Additionally, beans on wholemeal toast, topped with a sprinkling of cheese and grated pepper, shouldn't be overlooked, either. To increase satisfaction, you could even add a small amount of marmite or brown sauce to yours afterwards if they're to your taste.

  • Thanks for the ideas, omelette sounds a good idea, add the extra veg and I'll be well away. 😊

  • Diana is correct, though. Eggs aren't particularly calorific, with large eggs only containing around 85Kcal. As such, I'll alternate between the consumption of eggs and porridge oats for breakfast.

    Besides, their consumption never did Mr Strong any harm.

    As for increasing the appeal of smoked salmon, you could always place it on top of a toasted wholemeal bagel that had been spread with a covering of cream cheese.

    As for frying, in addition to using olive oil sprays, also consider the use of virgin coconut oil.

  • I love my slow cooker, you can prepare things when convenient and it just cooks away without any supervision 😊 Brilliant for soups and casseroles, perfect in this cold weather 😊 With the added benefit the whole family can enjoy.

    I store several portions in Tupperware boxes in the fridge or freezer for reheating as required. 😊

  • Oh just like me, All those boxes, fab they are

  • ive been putting a jacket potato or sweet potato in the oven in the morning and just leave it to cook when I work from home.. ... its then ready for lunchtime with crispy skin - yummy.. ...i usually have it with some tinned tuna & a salad and have a quick healthy lunch x

  • Did you know you can 'bake' them in a slowcooker, prick all over, wrap in foil, cook for 4 hrs oh high or 8 on low, crisp up in oven, and yes they taste baked too! Place in slowcooker, no liquid tho, save on the bills too

  • i didnt know that.. thanks for that info.

  • I'd go with something like an omelette too, mainly because it's a sustainable energy and it's filling!

    Pop in loads of chopped up veggies and just make it full with colour.

    Also I'd recommend making a vegetable soup, throw in loads of veggies and stock. Simmer down and blitz a bit.

    Leak and potato is good

    Butternut squash and a little chilli

    Mixed veg

    French onion soup

    There's so many. But I couldn't eat a bowl of salad this time of year

  • Hi. When I have the time---a space in the week I try to cook a batch of soup or have two pans of different soup on the go. All prep done together. Food simmering so not too labour intensive. Some of the soup is eaten in the next day or two the rest frozen for later healthy filling and warm for winter. Good luck.

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