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I've done it!!!

I've had a gradual realisation that the walking I have been doing is good but not really enough to push on with getting my weight down. So yesterday I signed up for a 3 month membership to local pool and gym. First benefit was that being retired I could have an off peak membership, today I went in to be shown round the gym and the various scary looking pieces of equipment. I was relieved to find the gym wasn't full of young lycra clad people and the instructor was happy to explain the very basics, she suggested a week of familiarising myself with the environment and trying out the different machines then I'll book in for a personal plan to be set up and I'll be on my way....

I can't believe I've got to this point and am looking forward to the difference it should make. I'll keep up the walking but now there's no excuse on those bad weather days!!!

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Glad it was such a positive experience for you 😊 Good luck


Well done - looking forward to hear how you get on with all that scary equipment :)


Well done; that sounds like such a postive thing to do. 😊


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