Give thanks for exercise mini-challenge

Give thanks for exercise mini-challenge

Hi all,

Here's a photo of me at my 5th adaptive skiing lesson. (500 points)

Obviously, it's not outside but I'm having lessons inside so that when I go to the snowy mountains with my boys this winter, instead of happily waving them off and then sitting and crying because I can no longer go with them, I can get on the lift, be with my family and enjoy our favourite sport together.

I don't know whether you will think of my choice of exercise as extraordinary but to me it is. What is extraordinary and what I am really grateful for, is that over the years, disabled people have refused to see skiing as an able-bodied sport and they have invented this amazing equipment that means I can ski and re-engage with something that meant so much to me. I'm also immensely grateful for people like Adam (behind me in green), who have specialised in teaching adaptive snow sports and Dan (videoing my run) who is doing his degree in adaptive sports. (Hoping for 1500 points)

This is the first mini-challenge I've taken part in. (500 points)


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6 Replies

  • Wow! That is brilliant. You are going to have such fun with your family :)

  • I'm delighted that you've taken part in this mini-challenge, Finnberry and agree that this is, indeed, an extraordinary sport and I'm sure FizzyLiz will concur too! :)

    I take my hat off to you and all disabled skiers, for not giving up, finding ways around your limitations and coming up with something as ingenious as this! It's brilliant! :)

    You're going to have a ball with your boys, this winter! :)

  • Fantastic!

  • Well done 👍 Have fun with your kids 😊

  • This is by far the best challenge photo ever - thanks for posting :)

    You're going to have so much fun with your family on the slopes :)

    Most definitely an extraordinary exercise :)

    3000 bonus points to you!

  • Thank you!

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