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Urgent help needed!!!

Haven't been on the site for a while ......

Since August my mother has been seriously ill but somehow she has come through three bouts of pneumonia. she is still in hospital. My first grandchild was born in Sept which has been wonderful. It has all taken it's toll on me .......working full time, dealing with Mum, helping and supporting my daughter through a difficult birth and the first few weeks. I have totally loss the plot with my diet. Many years ago I lost 4stone after comfort eating my way through my father's passing. Hit with depression in the past I have had counselling and pushed myself forward and survived.......Recently I have gone back to comfort eating and put on a stone and a half :-(

I was an avid swimmer and gym attendee most days but have been so tired dealing with all these issues that I've stopped. Each day I start off in positive mode but most days decline into the destruction off finding food a comfort. I've withdrawn from seeing friends as I'm disgusted with my weight gain.

Finding my way back is difficult and it's easier to give in and comfort eat in turn I'm doing damage to my mind and body..... need someone to help me!

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Hi irisflower,

I'm so sorry that you've had such a tough time lately and that your poor Mum has been so ill. I hope that she'll be able to make a full recovery and be home soon.

Congratulations on the birth of your first grandchild, I remember how exciting that is. I hope that mum and baby are both doing well now and that you're all enjoying these first few weeks :)

I can understand completely how you've gone into a bit of a tailspin and that your eating and exercise have taken a back seat. If you read the latest Tortoise and Hare thread, you'll see that I was in the same boat, just last week, although not quite as prolonged and difficult as what you've been dealing with. For me, the answer was to get back out running and I think for you, it's a case of getting back to the gym and pool. Instead of thinking up reasons not to go, try listing the reasons you should go. Once you've made the effort, you'll feel so much better and will then be able to tackle the issue of your eating.

Take things one step at a time, rather than get bogged down and overwhelmed with everything at once. As soon as you start ticking things off your list, I'm sure your mood will lift and your goals will be clearer.

Keep logging on to the site and soak up all of the positivity, motivation and inspiration. Join the weigh-in and the challenges and you'll realise that you're not alone and that there are dozens of us here, ready to help and support you every step of the way :)

Wishing you all the very best :)

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moreless - such a good response. I love swimming and it is useful to make a list of reasons to go. It's very easy to make excuses not to go, but once you've made the effort to get there, go through all the changing rigmarole etc and swim, its wonderful. Best way of relaxing I know, and I'm always in a different mood afterwards.

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Exactly miopus! :)



How good that you are back on the site , we are all delighted to have you here . It is so tough when you are a carer for your mum , I am in that boat as well. I find if I don't look after myself everyone suffers , including me ! I find swimming and running re energises me .and only then can I get on top of eating .

Keep logging on and chatting , we are all here for one another

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Thank you so much for the encouraging replies, it helps a lot to feel an arm put round my shoulder. Must take each day at a time!

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Hi irisflower

Come join us at the Happiness Challenge for a calmer mind and to shift your baseline from stressed to positive and happy, which has been helping everyone in the group to deal better with emotional eating, myself included.

I used to eat heeps of sweets 5 days a week, for comfort, boredom, relaxation, without a reason and sometimes without noticing. Since starting the challenge and shifting my focus I have managed to give up all sweets (chocolate, gummy sweets, nutella, croissants, cake etc etc)!!! I am now 16 days sweet sober and it feels amazing because I didn't think it was possible!

We're a friendly bunch so just come say hello or read others' posts for an instant boost whenever you feel your mood dropping :) Here is the link to the challenge overview: healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

All the best,


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Thank you so much, i will have a look and hopefully get all this horrible comfort eating behind me :-))


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