I Can I Will..... End of Story

Well another weight in today and i'm down another 2.8lbs this week :) What i've noticed is i'm alone doing this....but i'm ok with that, those around expect failure and also influence it! mostly jealously that i'm doing something about my weight and succeeding in doing so, i've only ever needed me and that's my motivation regardless of those around me! - today i weigh 13st 4.2lbs total loss 6st 7.8lbs

Hope you guys are doing well x


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28 Replies

  • You have achieved so much and your weight loss will inspire so many people as well. You are doing this for your own health and well-being, I just wish that those around you were more supportive. Xx

  • Thank you Slimpickings, i hope it does and shows that this is possible, well it may be down to my stubbornness and my independence i enjoy a solo go at things - me myself and i :)

  • Oh my you are doing so well. Sorry you are not getting local support but you will get lots of support from this forum 🙂

  • Thank you muffintop67, its unfortunate but my company is the best no negative input from those whose opinions dont matter,. hope your doing well

  • Well done that's amazing 😀Have a great weekend

  • Thank you Cherry :D

  • Well done rjay your doing really well , that's a great result and your certainly not alone when on this forum :) good luck with the rest of your journey :)

  • Thank you E1l2v3i4s5, i totally agree this forum is really supportive for when other in day to day life, hope your doing well

  • Wow! be proud of yourself very proud👍⭐️at the end of the day we do it ourselves for ourselves. Don't bother about who isn't helping you or who's jealous you will get wherever you want to be and we are all here to help each other. 😊

    Show everyone what you're made of and know that because of the weight you have lost how much better you must feel and look.

    Confidence wise you must be seeing an increase in that, I know I am and I have lost nowhere near as much as you.

    Seeing what you have achieved helps us all on here see what we can do also.

    💐💐💐💐Best wishes Bev

  • Thank you for the kind words itsbab, yes its just gets to me sometimes when people who around me daily but just pretend i'm still the same, well i know how far i've come

    And defiantly i have a habit of showing people they are wrong about me, if people say i cant do something i show them i can, and its the same with this, ive always been the biggest who will never change, well now those people are saying "how much further" or "you need a good meal down you"

    Yes defiantly looking much better and feeling it too, and confidence has grown too, there is just loads of positive to doing this..

    Thank you for listening and commenting back to me, hope your well

  • Hi yes I am ok just plodding on with the weight loss slowly but at least it's going down. Even though I have lost 3 stone nobody has yet said "you've lost weight" even my friend since school said are you still on a diet? the other day. I thought crikey I know how much I have lost as my clothes tell me that too but just think carry on someone will notice one day lol.

    You have the right idea prove people wrong and it's great to know your confidence is growing, you go for it and be happy with yourself.

  • Wow amazing. I think the first rule of success is that you do it for you and not for others . And you are proof of that. Keep up the excellent work

  • Thank you Molldex, defiantly agree, just annoying when those around are blind to the obvious anything not to accept that im changing , Thank you i will

  • Hi rjay95,

    You are doing brilliantly, and many Congratulations on losing 2.8 pounds this week - that's an excellent result!!! :-)

    Wishing you a great weekend and another really good week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi lowcal - it appears my comment didn't go through

    well anyway Thank you and yes 2-3lbs seems to be my average weekly weight loss and im happy with that, wishing you agreat week ahead to :)

  • Wow you have done absolutely brilliantly and to have done it on your own is fantastic, i can't even imagine doing it on my own I've been really lucky with my family although it did take a while to get them on board and this group is brilliant although i don't post very often due to tremors it takes too long and then i hit the wrong key and delete it lol i read most of the posts and felt i had to say that you should be really proud of yourself. I get a lot of good advice and cheered up on this forum😘😘😘

  • Oh thank you for commenting rosie-2015, your comment has really cheered me up so thank you for that, yes me myself and i is the way i approach, i operate solo home life, work so im used to it and thats my way of getting to where i am, still have a little further to go :) hope your doing well :)

  • Amazing xx

  • Thank you NannyShiv

  • Hello well done on a great loss, I think some change as threat tho, and do by ignoring their comfort zone it's easier, you say how you want to lose weight.

    Maybe st some point they'll see in you, whst they want fir themselves, health, easier moving about

  • Hi Diana, Thank you, yess i think its the sudden change and it may take some time for them around me to understand its a lifestyle things not a short term things, hope your well

  • Well done! Youve done amazing!!

  • Thank you AuraShadows

  • Brilliant 😊🎉

  • Thank you isou7000 :)

  • True they are jealous they may even pretend they do not notice your weight loss. You are doing famously on your own, Never let other's effect view of yourself, you will succeed this time- you will learn how to maintain. Your awesome!

  • Thank you cherv, just ignorance i think, im now at the point where it is noticeable so either way i know how far ive come :)

  • Carry on with that positive attitude and nothing will stop you from getting to your goal. Ignore them they can not believe the change, you do! Your goal is to continue on your path with your head high. Sometime we have people we thought close drop out of lives when we lose weight, we must accept this and move on to a new friends some will stay and some will leave. Fear not on all.

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