Making a good start

4 lbs loss in my 1st week and I am delighted. I have been slowly gaining weight for a few weeks and was beginning to worry I had a health problem. Turns out I had a portion problem. I did some batch cooking last week and calculated the calorific value of each meal and froze them. I now know exactly how many calories I am eating in my homemade takeaway chicken curry, sweet and sour chicken, spag bol and chilli. I even calculated the calories of my chicken portions and made a note of it on the freezer bags. Feeling spurred on to keep up the good work next week.

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  • Great idea and congrats on the 4lbs lost you know where the fault lies and sorted it. Onwards nod Downwards Trish👍😊

  • Thanks have a good week end

  • Clever to put the calories on the freezer bags. I will be borrowing that idea!! X. Well done on an excellent loss this week. Xx

  • Thank you and have a good weekend

  • Well done you - we have done the same, I have curry sauce made up and in batches in the freezer with the calorie count on for that pot / portion (some are in two portion pots so hubby can have the same meal as m, with extras of course ;) )

    Can I be cheeky and ask for your sweet n sour chicken recipe please

  • That's a great idea and very well organised. I've started doing my weekly shop based on the meals I plan for the week. It saves time and money 💰 lol 😂

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