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I'm desperate to lose weight but find myself with little motivation I suffer with depression and struggling at moment. Can't afford to join a weight loss group at moment anyone know any free help I can get guidance from just basically need help in what to eat that I can still make for me and kids and Hubbie we all like has can't afford separate meals so need to find things we all can eat but how I can make it abit healthier if anyone understands what I'm trying to get help with plz advise me thank you

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Hi and welcome

This site is great - try the NHS 12 week plan - I am on week 5 and the first few weeks were hard as I had never calorie counted before, but it does get easier if you are determined to do it and measure everything you put in your mouth - now tho I have set up a system that works for me I have a spread sheet od food and how much the calories are and weigh everything

I have lost nearly 7lbs in such a short time (4 weeks) - they say loose slowly so that it stays off and this is what I am doing, BUT the main thing is I am not denying myself of anything

I even ate 5 Cadburys Heros this week

Good luck on your journey - this is a great site x x


Hi! Well done for starting and good luck! I joined for the same reason as you - I can't justify the cost of a group. However I've totally failed in the past when trying to 'go it alone' . This forum is just brilliant ' it gives me that accountability and support and advice and ideas i need. I hope it works for you too - get involved and go for it! I eat the same evening meals as my family, just less - we generally eat quite simple meals so it's easy, and I work out the calories as I'm cooking so that when I dish up I know how much I can have. uusually if I have less carbs (mashed pots, rice or pasta most days!) And more veg then I still feel full - just a case of rebalancing my meals. Being more focused on healthy food benefits the whole family.

Good luck and I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work for your family.


You are in the right place for support and advice.it will all come good for you.


Welcome I too am useless at dieting by myself and indeed I have been trying to follow the 12 week plan for the past two weeks but life keeps getting in my way but I have found that even just writing my food down for these two weeks and working out the calories I eat in the day has helped me see where I can change small things to make a difference. I have also joined the Monday weigh in on this site which is a great incentive to stay on track. I would say start by sitting down with your family and plan a weeks meals seeing how you can update your existing meals to make them lower calorie and healthier and a shopping list get them all on board. If you have never made chips in the oven with spray oil try that instead of chippy chips, while you've got the oven on have a make for the freezer day. Good luck x


You will find masses of help, advice and support here Healthyagainplz Just remember that we all started in the same place as you, needing to learn, and the more you ask, join in, and ask again, the more you will learn about how to eat with your family in a healthier way that helps you to lose weight. It takes time to put into practice different things, but every day you manage to put into place a new habit, will be a step nearer to your goal.

I sympathise with the fact that you are also suffering from depression. Please do try to take one small baby step at a time, and don't overwhelm yourself by trying to get everything right in one go.

Looking forward to seeing you posting here again.

Oh, and if you fancy a "Newbie" badge, you are allowed to wear one for 12 weeks - it is not compulsory, but some people find it helps to be recognised.


Welcome, This is the first step in the right direction. This forum will support you in so many positive ways you need to stay involved. The calorie counting is so important small plates help it makes your meal look larger fools the brain. You received some very good information and I'm sure a site admin. will be along with more. A good tool to start and stay with is to stay hydrated daily drinking 8-8oz glasses of water I have a lemon with mine. One before each meal they really help to fill you up.

Depression can be caused by your weight and not finding a location to help or a chemical imbalance. You may need to seek help from your GP to see what road they suggest you should follow in terms of this issue. Best wish you have a team of support!


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