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Wk3R2 - finished at attempt 2

Decided to try and avoid the traffic so thought I'd use works gym instead of my own treadmill. Their treadmill seemed to go so much faster than mine at home, this may be because I couldn't work out the difference between km and miles - flipping thing!

Anyway, after having a diva strop at the works gym, I made my way home and felt a bit deflated. Instead of giving up, I ate something, waited for my food to digest a bit and got straight back on that bike (t'mill). Feeling really chuffed as usually I would have just given up and eaten rubbish at home.

Hoping this dedication will translate onto the scales 😎🤗😃

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Hi Tracey,

Well done for doing that, and glad you're feeling chuffed - as it's a definite positive outcome, and I hope you get a positive outcome on the scales too - you deserve it! :-) 8-) :-)

Lowcal :-)


Thanks. I can't believe how much better I feel after only 3.5 weeks 👏👏👏

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That is brilliant! :-)

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