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I can't sleep because I am in such agony!

I have walked 12 miles today and I'm suffering so much now!

I am in such agony in my hip I don't know what to do.

I overdid it big time. I'm obviously not ready for this kind of distance but it was such a lovely day and I felt so good that I'd done 6 miles this morning that I did the same this evening. Silly me! 🙁🙁

I'm so tired but can't sleep........

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Oh no! That was a very impressive amount of walking but I am sorry you feel so much pain? Did you warm up and down? There are some great stretching exercises on YouTube


Hot bath and some paracetamol, then gentle stretches 😊 Glad you enjoyed your walk but maybe build up gradually 😊 Hope you soon feel better


Warm bath with Ebson salts x


When my hip aches which is getting less now it was hot bath then rub some ibuprofen gel on it, paracetamol for back up.

Hope you feel better soon and manage some sleep. 💐


I remmember when my dog was diagnosed with arthritic hips we were told to gradually build up exercise and walk regularly with her and to not suddenly take her for a long walk. I rub in feldene gel if my arthritic hip hurts and that seems to help as done magnesium baths or epsom salt baths. Have you had hips x rayed. Could you go on waiting list for a replacement. or is it unusual that you get hip pain.


Hi - I used to get hip pain before I lost weight, then it got so much better and I usually walk the dear old dog for 4 miles every day. I just got carried away and overdid it on Sunday - I think walking too far and too fast. Had a rest yesterday and back to 4 miles this morning and it's much better now, thanks. 😊😊


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