overate a bit today

Well went out shopping. I could not get out of my head I had two rice cakes at breakfast instead of one I have been having this week. And my shopping was not fun like it should have been because all I could think about that extra rice cake and wanting to eat more. Always before I would take a day and overeat. so I indulged myself in an ice-cream, extra supper and 2 chocolate bars. I was told I should go out and do something special like walking through a park instead of eating food as a reward or punishment.. And just take my keys which is good advice. I am trying not to let this day bring me down, but hell it does. I'm sorry for swearing it is how I feel right now. And yes tomorrow is another day and I did not gain weight hopefully for my failure today and that is how I feel I am getting ready for bed to have a good sleep for tomorrow. good night!


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  • Heya. sounds like you may be a perfectionist like me! we see things in black and white ie. an extra rice cake = ruined diet, so may as well eat what i want! im trying to be more 'shades of grey' about life (not 50 shades tho- you know what i mean lol) and especially about food.

    there is NO WAY an extra rice cake can ever make you gain weight. you did not 'fail' at anything!

    if you worry alot about food it might be worth seeing your GP about it because it can cause alot of stress.

    All the best

    Hedgehog x

  • You failed, only in your eyes, not ours...............if it's of any comfort, calorie cycling, where you eat less, slightly more the next is healthy, very in fact!

    Naturally most of us do that, a rice cake really is nothing, be mindful about eating out, denial of all things yummy would bring us all down.

    Anyway it's a fresh start today

  • Have you made sure you're following the right calorie allowance for your weight and height? If you enter your details on the NHS BMI calculator, you may be surprised at the amount of calories you can have and still lose weight. Also, it gives a range, so there's room for going a bit over on occasions, as long as over the course of each week the average is less than the upper limit.

    Also, as Diana says, having irregular calorie days that still average out at the right level over the week is actually used as a technique. Look up calorie cycling, this might make you feel less pressured to be 'perfect' every day.

    Lastly, are you following the NHS 12 week plan? I found it really constructive as it emphasises healthy eating rather than going without. Each week you're encouraged to introduce a new healthy habit, until by week 12 you have a complete toolkit. I found it a real gamechanger to think about what I SHOULD be having rather than what I shouldn't, e.g. more veg, more fibre, trying out a 'healthy' cake recipe one week, introducing new types of exercise another week, etc.

    By the way lots of us have done the 2 dinners thing, as Albino says the issue here is the feeling of failure (you definitely haven't failed - to keep going is a success in my books!) - so maybe try strategies that stop it all feeling so black and white. Oh - and calorie count your 'binge' - it may not be as bad as you think it was. Them draw a line under and carry on. Good luck :)

  • Having a few treats at the weekend is not the end of the world, I think you know that, I hope you can see it and not let it upset you too much 😕

    Have a good Sunday

    Best wishes 😊

  • O Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


    A rice cake. End of the world.

  • It was important to that person....!

  • Yes I know Miamia. I didnt mean to offend. I sent that message because a freind of mine sent me the same message about several of my worries and I found it really funny and helpful in getting me to put things in perspective and to realise I was over anxious about things I could not change. Maybe my gentle tease wasnt helpful, maybe it was. I wonder what the recipient thinks as appreciate feed back. I am not always the best at predicting how my actions affect others.

  • Hope you feel brighter this morning? Time to be a little kinder to yourself. One rice cake is not even 50 calories - less than an apple! Should never have been a need to even worry about that.

    Every day, we use a fluctuating amount of calories as we do different activities..the limit we set ourselves for weight loss is only a rough guide and a 100 calories either side won't make a lot of difference.

    If you feel you have over-indulged on any one day, just try and be more controlled the next day, and maybe add in that extra walk, (uphill preferably).

    Losing weight is not a race to a target...it is a way of life that we have to fit in around our normal activities, and we still have to make space for the odd shopping trip with lunch, or a night out...and then carry on with the healthy lifestyle. It is all about getting a healthy balance.

  • We all have days like that! You are only human after all. If we are in confession mode, I had 3 chocolates yesterday (hangs head in shame!) But I have been good today!

  • If all you are having for breakfast is a rice cake (or 2) you could have just been hungry. I would be ready to eat my fingers by 9AM if I tried to start the day like that!

  • I am concerned that you are not eating enough, hopefully the rice cake is in addition to other stuff

  • yes I have a rice cake with peanut butter plus a bowl of cereal with all bran flaxseed toward daily fiber intake.

  • Glad to hear it :)

  • Give yourself a break...you don't need oppressors do you....you are so good at oppressing yourself!!. You are human and scoffing the extra rice cake is OK!!! No need to be so hard on yourself...have a giggle at your mistake and move on....remember you are doing great with your diet 95% maybe 99% of the time. One thing that helped me to avoid these little digressions was to have a safe food that I could turn to when feeling the urge to snack ....for a while it was tomatoes...another time it was coffee and cream with sweetener...believe me that hits the spot...various fruits and then sugar free jelly with cream......again fills the gap without killing the diet process. If you are a happy dieter you will lose more easily. Sleepless nights of guilt about rice cakes will only up the cortisol, the fat keeping hormone so chill....you are doing well, you are NOT a failure you are an excellent person for making the great effort you are making. Well done you!!!

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