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Does anyone else find themselves constantly cooking? I have 3 kids and a husband to feed and often cater for community events. I love doing it but need to cook what other people want to eat, not what I need. I find it really hard then not to pick at lovely bits like cheese and olives and cake crumbs but then run out of calories for real food for me. I know it's about willpower but it's hard! Anyone else face similar challenges?

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Morning, I know exactly what you mean. I too have a hubby and three children and it does take willpower made of steel doesn't it. For instance, where I am now typing this I can see an enormous tub of haribos left from Halloween. Tempting!! The kids have chocolate etc that they have been given. Again, very tempting. Not so much at this time of the morning but at 9 pm....

So what do we do? I haven' t got the situation here where I can put a blanket ban on sugar as it isn't fair to make others suffer because I have made wrong choices in the past. I have " tweaked " the family diet so that I am not cooking, for the most part, a separate meal for me. I want us all to be eating better and not simply me. So tomorrow we are having a roast dinner. The kids are thrilled because it is their favourite but I have ensured that it is top heavy with vegetables and even the Yorkshire puddings are very low in calories so I can have a couple of those too. Last night was a low fat bolognaise which I made. They had it with wholemeal spaghetti ( another "tweak") but I tried it with cauliflower rice, lovely.

I don't do the mass catering that you do but I often get asked to make birthday cakes for people.That is hard as you have to be strong willed not to "try" as you go along. I don't know if my rambling s are of any use to you but good luck with your weight loss journey. Xx


Thanks. That's some useful tips and also lovely to hear from others facing the same chall

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Oh that does sound tough 😕 Very well done on resisting as well as you have 😊 Life is much easier, eating wise, when it's just two of us.

I like slimpickings suggestion about healthier swaps for everyone 😊 Great idea.

Good luck! You can do it

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