Plodding along

I've been logging for 4 weeks now. I'm finding I'm learning a lot about my troublesome areas - easily summarised as having a social life! I love the honesty of the logging. I'm walking more. Weight loss is slow but I'm still learning. Had a spooky Halloween moment yesterday: I was sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and there was a swarm of ladybirds outside the door. I had to let the dog out for a wee and loads sneaked in and are hibernating for the winter. I'm tempted to join them!


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3 Replies

  • It sounds as if you've really got a handle on your new lifestyle, Benlucysam, so well done you! :)

    It is, indeed, a learning experience and that never stops. I amazed at what I've learned about myself and nutrition, over the last year and find that I don't just accept what's being said, but research the facts and form my own conclusions :)

    I can't even remember the last time I saw a ladybird, but remember there was a plague of them back in the 70's and they bit! I hadn't realised, before that, ladybirds could bite! :o

    Don't go into hibernation, remember, you use more calories, trying to stay warm, so get out there, into the cold, Autumn air and burn some off! ;)

  • I'm with you on this 😕 It's the socialising that's my downfall, I just can't say no!! Trying to be extra good in between to get a better overal calorie deficit 😊

  • You are so right about the honesty of the logging on this forum - it is a life saver! A place we can go to say how much chocolate we have REALLY indulged in, and not be judged! Onwards.... :)

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