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Back from my daughter's

I'm weighing in a couple of days early for the end of my 6th week to ensure I know where I am and if I've done any damage while I've been away

The scales tell me I've lost 2.75lbs over the past almost couple of weeks making my total weight loss ONE STONE TWO POUNDS - can you tell I'm absolutely delighted

I've eaten out lots of times whilst away but gone for sensible options like salads and had ice cream for dessert if I've had one

I've also lost a total of 4 inches from my waist since I started and am wearing smaller trousers

Thank you everyone for your support - you're all STARS!!!

PS - please could I have my 1 stone sticker - thanks

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Well done you and enjoy that feeling of success👍

We will see that 1 stone badge next to your name now😊

Brilliant enjoy you're day. Bev💐

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Well done you!!! Great weight loss and 4" off your waist too. You so deserve that sticker :)

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