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Good Afternoon thrown

Good Afternoon you Wonderful People

Day so far 4k walk this morning at Gym, nice 1/2 of Grapefruit slice of Wholegrain toast with peanut butter and a protein shake. Finished Editing Workout vlog but not sure if i will be posting it as camera makes me look even bigger may take me a few days to build up to posting it. Lunch Grilled Chicken, Stuffed Pepper with cherry tomatoes and spinach upper body workout with a few abb exercises thrown in. Not a clue what i will be cooking for tea as yet

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Hi Richarde :)

Cameras are the pits for doing that, but rest assured, we'll be a very non-judgemental audience :)

For myself, a 12K run this morning, pumpkin soup for lunch and chilli with courgetti for dinner. 5K walk this afternoon and lots of time spent perusing the site :)

Enjoy the rest of your day! :)


That sounds like an uber healthy lunch Richarde19691. I had a coffee while I did my toes stands, arm weights and planks, then went for my 6K run, did a bit of shopping then back for muesli and berries for lunch just had a small glass of veggie juice spiced up with tabasco and black pepper. Tea tonight is cassoulet with crusty bread - not going to hit my five a day today ;)

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Gosh what a great fit day you have had . For me it was a 5 k run this morning , sardine salad for lunch , pork and ratatouille for dinner as soon as get home . My shift has just finished :-)


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