Maintenance Surprise

While I adjust to the heart meds I have re-set my maintenance level to "not very active" . For my size/age, MFP says 1470 calories. Not a lot, but ok.

Surprisingly though, I weighed myself this morning and in any case I appear to be lighter than I thought. 9st 8.5 lbs. So it will be interesting to see what 1470 cals does with my "beta-blocked metabolism" !


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5 Replies

  • That's good news 😊 Your obviously doing something right! 😊😊😊

  • That's a nice surprise 😊 x x

  • According to some of the weight loss sites, you could continue to lose weight on that amount of calories, even if not very active. It will be interesting to see?

    Remember to work on relaxation too, between your gentle activities; you might really benefit from a bit of a slow-down. Deep breathing... and (unless you already have done), find some relaxing hobby like painting, sewing or writing poetry even. Keeps fingers out of the biscuit tin!

  • Trying to permit myself time to simply sit and read a book... in the daytime even ! I always thought it too self indulgent when there were more important/ active things to be done, but I now realise how daft that attitude was.

  • What a lovely surprise, hope you continue to adjust ok to the meds and have a lovely day. 😊

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