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One Month in, still going strong!

So I've been eating a lot more healthy and calorie counting for 5 weeks now and I've now lost 7.5 pounds! I've not been doing any running due to bad knees but I have been trying to increase my walking wherever possible. I was a big napper before and really needed my afternoon naps but now I find eating the right foods has given me a lot more energy (it took about 8-10 days to actually start to feel like I had more energy though)! Once you get into the swing of not eating rubbish late at night the pounds just melt off :) Hope you all have a good week and goodluck with your weight loss!x

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This all sounds like wonderful progress. Well sone. 7,5 pounds in 5 weeks is awesome.

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Well done, that's fantastic Zoe!!


Lovely to read your upbeat and encouraging post! Carry on with more of the same....!


Yay Zoe! So many positive changes happening to you right now. Lovely to hear your progress 😊😊


Very well done ZoeRhian 😊 It's good that you are noticing other positives like more energy as well as the scales going down 😊 Good luck and Best wishes 😊


No need to feel like walking is inferior to running. It may take longer but 1km of walking burns about the same calories as 1km of running. What kind of surface do you walk on? If you can find somewhere 'offroad' with a fairly uneven and softer surface it could help build up strength in your knees. Also having the right shoes helps, maybe make sure you wear structured thick-soled shoes that minimise impact to your knees. Keep going, sounds like things are going really well :)


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