Feeling Great

I've just finished my first week of healthy living and I'm feeling a new person. I lost 2 pound in weight and have managed to cut out the wine which was my downfall. Just been for a swim & a spa which did me the world of good. I feel that I can still improve on my diet but need to make small changes gradually. My menopause symptoms have calmed drastically, I don't feel as tired and my mood has also improved a lot. I have been able to cut out a sweetener in my cup of tea, it seems that my taste buds have changed and some things taste a little too sweet now. I have reduced my salt intake a little and will continue to keep an eye on the amount of salt in my food. I treated myself to a really good none stick frying pan this week so that I can dry fry, or use a tiny amount of rapeseed oil . It's fantastic, wish I'd have got one ages ago, I can really recommend this. Thanks to everyone for listening to me. Good luck to you all.

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  • Glad things are going well 😊 I definitely notice a difference in menopausal symptoms if I avoid sugar 😊 Well done on the weight loss too 😊

  • thankyou

  • That sounds amazing for your first week! Well done! :)

  • thankyou

  • That's a great weight loss! And great to hear all of your health improvements too! :) I love my non-stick pan but I do use frylight to cook with as it's a lot less calories than oil, you just spray a bit and add a bit more if you need to- it's much more controllable than oil :) I think it's 1 calorie per spritz.

  • Thanks I will give it a go

  • Fantastic! 👍☺

  • Glad your week has gone so well! :-) I love my non stick ceramic pan theyre amazing!

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