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Hi everyone sorry haven't posted have not been on well I went to my Dr last week Friday to be exact well I haven't been on a scales since January. Of this yr as I was too ashamed to be weighed but talking to my Dr I asked if I could weigh myself and he said yes and to my astonishment. I lost 2.5 stone since Jan now that was a big surprise believe me now back to reason for Dr apt I had an upset stomach and had it only since I started to change my eating habits but also had headaches too now the headaches is sinuses and he couldn't rule out a virus because they are ripe here at the moment but also he said part of it is probably the change in my diet which I have to agree with but on the plus side I bought a new set of cloths for my daughters graduation in November 4th a new coat dress and shoes now my coat came last week and was a bit tight on the arms decided to try it on again today and was surprised to see it is a bit looser so hopefully by her grad it will fit more comfortably dress came today and I have to say I'm disappointed as I've noticed in the last week my excess skin is sagging and this dress shows that so ladies on here have you any tips or ideas to help to make my stomach look more flatter and not saggy as I love the dress and I was hoping to wear it also for my granddaughters christening G in Dec but thinking if things carry on going as well as they have new dress will be in order for that lol this is the most money I have spent on anything for myself in yrs yes they may not fit for long but he'll it's worth it as it a long time since I fitted into this size so thank you all for all the support your encouragement. Has helped to keep me on track so I'm eternally Greatful to you great people xxx


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  • Maybe some support underwear, it won't fix it, tho could give a flatter look.

    Well done on your great weight loss

  • Thank you so much

  • Primark do support underwear for about £8 and well worth the money. Congratulations on losing so much

  • Thank you so much

  • Hi Glady

    Well done on your weightless. I agree with Diana spanx's underwear.

    They come in various colours nude black leopard.

    You can buy them that you pull on like tights and they fit tucked in under the bottom of your bra and either fit around the tops of your thighs like knickers or you can get a longer version that go down to your knee.

    They can take you down a dress size. However you need to buy the size you currently are not what you want to be.

    Hope that helps. Enjoy your up coming events. 😀

  • Thank you so much for your help xx

  • Definitely using some support underwear and/or support tights will help you look smoother and more together. Good to get some advice from the lingerie people though as they'll know what size to buy as you need to be able to breathe! Enjoy your day knowing you're looking and feeling great! Well done 😀

  • Thank you so much going back a few weeks ago I was dreading going to my daughters grad but I would have done it anyways she's a true inspiration not only to Me but others she was molested at the age of seven it impacted on her life big time she struggled with her weight all her life her nan died and it was a big effect on her then her grandad died the day she started her leaving cert exam she wouldn't do anything suffered depression then at, 23, she decided she was changing for better and done a two yr course which brought her in contact with quite a few men Nd that helped immensely she finished that and decided to go onto college and do social media marketing she's graduation from that and has gone on to do her batcholers degree in the managerial part of it and she's losing weight going to gym I'mso proud she's the first to graduate from college in my family and she's even gave get older sister the courage to do the training for a carers course as it's something g she's always wanted to do and she's encourage us so much sorry abt the rant or. The bragging abt daughter lol but thank you so so much for the help xx

  • You have every right to be proud! She sounds amazing 😊 Enjoy your day ❤️

  • Thank you hun appreciate your comments hun and support xxx

  • You've every right to be proud, your daughter has had a traumatic time but turned herself around and that's fantastic. One persons strength inspires others and it's all the more poignant when that person is your own child! Have a brilliant day and congratulations to you both 😀!!

  • Thank you so much xx

  • This is the first time I have posted on here as I usually just read, but I wanted to say that not only do you have an inspirational daughter, but you really sound like a fantastic mother and I am sure that your children are as proud of you as you rightly should be of them. Life can be utterly crap and unfair, but you all sound like survivors and I wanted to send you all lots of love. Congratulations to your daughter on graduating, and I hope you all have a super day.


  • Ah thank you so much that is so sweet of you I appreciate your comments I do my best but tbh she's the one who gave me strength to carry on and she inspires me to keep going she truly is an amazing lady I just wish people could meet her one day I really hope she will find a loving bloke who will help her and love her for her true self and not her boobs size she came true so much and she had one boyfriend who was a compulsive liar and kept telling her he was going to kill himself until his friend informed us he was in his house playing the Xbox all the time lets just say he seen the dust and she no longer bothered with him then she met a bloke on line and eventually after two yrs met up with him he was very interested in her but was in a relationship. She said she couldn't be in a relationship. With someone who had kids and wax still with the kids mother she didn't bother to see him again. But he keeps on at her to meet him she always says the same no that the kind of girl she is one very lucky man is going to meet her and is going to be a very lucky bloke I hope it will be soon but if not time will produce the real love of her life xx

  • I also get support pants from primark, high top tucks under bra, very good and not too expensive, smooth things out nicely.:-)

  • Thank you so much for help x

  • The only thing short term that I could suggest are the dreaded spanx or some other type of girdle. In fact I read somewhere that wearing a tight girdle or corset is recommended after a surgical tummy tuck as it veld the skin to connect better to the underlying tissues on the stomach. Therefore whilst you are losing weight it might help to alleviate more sagging skin......its worth a try I would have thought.

    Also I would keep on using plenty of moisturiser on the offending area as helping to maintain the skins elasticity can do no harm.

    Not forgetting a final comment WELL DONE YOU !

  • Thank you so much for the help I was thinking about that too to us a tummy control leggings or underwear to help looked into some last night and thank you for your kind comment x

  • I have introduced bio oil into my regimen. I massage it into the skin after a shower or bath. Maybe something like that would be good for long term also.

  • Thank you for.

  • Thank you so much for your help and support xxx

  • What a wonderful inspirational post. Very well done. Do flaunt the 'new you ' at your special family occasions. Your family will be so pleased and proud of you.

  • Thank you so much I wouldnt have been able to do it without the help of people like you and others on this forum x

  • Ah thanks hun xx

  • Hi, well done on the weight loss! I've managed about 7lbs this year so far, so am rather envious of you!

    Re loose skin, I don;t think there is a lot to be done to actually get rid of it, unfortunately, other than a trip to the plastic surgeon, which is rather drastic, not to say expensive.

    But you could try some decent control underwear, so that your top clothes can lie nice and flat.

    I don;t think it does any harm to regularly massage cream in - it might get a bit more blood circulating there, which might do some good. Plus it's exercise for your arms!

    The only other thing I can suggest is to keep up arm, leg, tummy etc. exercises, as toning up the muscles will help a little bit with the appearance of loose skin, plus of course it makes you a better shape and stronger and fitter generally.

    Of course, once you;ve got your lovely new clothes on, nobody will notice any loose skin!

  • Support underwear, various types available. Great achievement, keep it up and have a super graduation day and christening. :-)

  • Yes build up some muscle under the saggy skin and it will support it and bulk it out a bit more. Use fake tan that always makes your skin look better. Well done so far - you are inspirational for posting!

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