Well what did you have for Sunday diner today?

Well what did you have for Sunday diner today?

Well today I pulled my calories in from my blow out yesterday. However after saying that I didn't go over my budgeted daily calories allowance.

So today I have roasted a large chicken in butter and seasoning. Sprinkled chicken oxo on prior to cookingm

I made cauliflower cheese ie home made cheese sauce from scratch. Par boiled cauliflower for 10minutes. Drained off water placed in a oven proof dish.

Cheese sauce was simple 500mls milks. 3 tablespoons of flour to thicken. Add a knob of butter salt and pepper stir in grated cheese. Pour sauce over par cooked cauliflower then add cheese sauce and extra cheese topping and home made seeded breadcrumbs. Cook in oven 200 degrees for 20mins.

Roasted shallot's in balsamic vinegar and a drop of olive oil for 30 minutes.First time I have cooked them this way and they were deliciously sweet.

This came to 773 calories and although it looks bland it was really tasty. 😁

Mr T had spicy wedges with his.

Did you cook anything that i could try next Sunday?. Trying to have a change from traditional Sunday Lunches. All experimental.


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  • I had a low cal casserole, chicken, in white wine/ creme fraiche/ stock sauce with leeks, peppers and mushrooms in it, 4 small new potatoes and broccoli

    About 370 cals, very yummy tho

  • Oh that sounds lovely Diana. I will be doing beef in the slow cooker in the week.

    Never had casserole chicken though.

    What goes in to it? As your Base. πŸ˜€

  • Chicken thighs, skinned and boneless ( I prefer to breasts) , one per person, 1/3 white wine to stock, handful each of leek, mushrooms, peppers, add in mixed herbs, slowcooked, desert spoonful of creme friache, thicken, add topping of sliced potatoes ( or serve with it)

  • Jacket potato and prawns ,and a small bit of rhubarb pie.

  • Oh that sounds lovely. I can't resist prawn's and could become addicted to mayo sandwiches on brown. πŸ˜€

  • I love prawn mayo sandwishes they are my fave.

  • Yes with black pepper. Scummy πŸ˜„

  • Weigh in tomorrow so I have be careful .

  • We all are, I think!

  • Hi Diana ,some more than others.

  • Of course, I hope it's what you hope for number wise..........it's the progress slowly that counts!

  • Very true , it's not a quick fix.

  • You'll look back in weeks/ months and see how much difference losing weighthas made to you and your life, and yet we forget how easily it went on, it took a while too!

    Just remember to bin the fat clothes, o no going back, eh

  • Holiday in 4 weeks so got to be lighter .just waiting to loose more and buy some new clothes , especially some new suits.

  • Which is great stuff, hopefully you'll manage to eat healing when away?!

    I must admit I was sorry to say goodbye to some of my stuff, without major readjustments it never would have worked, and dropped Jean sizes twice!

    Enjoy the slimmer healthier new you

  • I will do ,thanks feel better already .my clothes are a lot looser

  • Looks tasty!

    I had a chinese takeway. Disappointed with myself. I got really hungry and it seemed like a good idea at the time. πŸ™„Am still under my cals (i think) cos i had really small breakfast and lunch, but i just wasted Β£8 and feel a bit gross and have a headache. Oh well. I think im doing ok in general, but i do still have a takeway habit i cant seem to kick. πŸ˜• its not like i didnt have any food in either, i just wanted the comfort of it i think.

    Oh well.

  • We all do at times, some days I still want to eat endless cake, I never do tho..........I normally have a small takeaway of fish and chips most weeks, or chips with something ( here you can get cones, about third of a portion)

  • Thanks. ☺ maybe i need to accept that sometimes a takeway is inevitable lol. Id like to get them down to once a month though.

  • Maybe just try some easy stir fry recipes my fav is a stir fried chicken and prawn rice, very easy tasty and pretty ok, not up to takeaway standards, must keep practising tho

  • Thats a great idea thank you ☺ im suposed to be low carb but i think occasiional carbs wont kill me. Chicken and prawn rice sounds worth it! Xx

  • Im going to get some rice pouches in for when i just really want something comforting for dinner, cos its still better than a takeaway. I could also freeze roast chicken in portions so i can microwave and mix with the rice.

    Thanks for idea.

  • Oh dear albinohedgehog I don't think I have ever had a Chinese Takeaway although I have had Chinese food at a Chinese restraunt for my 2nd graduation party. It was lovely.

    What did you have?πŸ˜€

  • Wonton soup which wasnt too bad, and crispy duck with pancakes which is quite bad lol.

  • Hi Trulyplumptious we had fresh grilled tuna, sauteed leeks in white wine and carrots with fennel seeds. Came in at about 315 calories.

  • Oh that sounds lovely. However I am ashamed to say I have never tasted tuna.

    I love leeks though.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ˜€

  • HI Trulyplumptious,

    Your meal looks absolutely delicious. I had a roast chicken dinner myself this evening - I was visiting family so wasn't sure what we were going to have - but it was lovely!

    I know you are thinking of cooking something different for next weekend, so I'll look forward to hearing what you decide on in the end.

    Lowcal :-)

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