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Hello Newbie alert!

Hi I joined a few weeks ago and this is my first post. I just did a bmi check which stated I am obese. Not a nice thing to see. I need to lose just over 4 stone, which I knew anyway, that would be my long term target. A wee brief history about me, single mum to 2 kids, mum to 3 dogs, ex smoker, chocolate addict. I can do all the meals healthily, I usually always make my meals from scratch. What I need help with is getting more fruit and veg into our daily diet and knowing how to kick the chocolate habit. When I think how I stubbed out the smokes and how addictive they are, how is it so hard to ditch the chocolate?! I know when I was married, I ate in secret and always had a stash of chocolate nearby, however I ditched the husband but the choc eating is still here lol. Any tips to help with that?

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Hi Hazel,

Welcome to the NHS Weight Loss forum :D

You can find the NHS 12 Week Plan to the right of your screen - just click on the picture!

Take a look at the right hand side of your screen (bottom if you're on a mobile device) at the 'pinned posts' area - here is a collation of various useful posts (such as the 'Welcome Newbie' post and challenges that are currently being run on the forum - take part in what ever you want to)

In that 'Pinned Posts' section, there is also a collation of recipe ideas, they will always come in useful too :D

The Monday Weigh In group is posted weekly, Zest and moreless, who are also our approachable site admins alternate the posting of the thread between them. There is a morning thread (if you weigh in between 06:30 until midday) and an afternoon/evening thread (from midday on Monday until 6pm on the Friday of that week).

The topics section, underneath the 'pinned posts' area will give you all of the posts related to that topic - it's useful if you're looking for something specific! :)

Finally, all that remains is to wish you a great first week on the forum!

Best wishes,

Rob :D

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I eat fruit with my breakfast in the morning..and I still havent given up chocolate but I only have a small piece when I crave for it..I measure and weigh my meals at home..as was big surprise as I thought I was eaten not much but was over eating..have a good week..

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Changing long established eating habits is tough, and it starts with the brain, and discovering why the habits are there. 😕 It sounds as if chocolate was a forbidden treat so maybe planning a small piece regularly will be a solution? 😊 Two finger kit kats can be just enough and at just over 100 calories won't break the bank! 😊

Good luck and welcome to the forum 😊

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