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desperate lover

i am just sad today i am not going gym due to my some weak attitude that i am not be able to loss my belly fat i am trying to do everything but its not actually working for me but i m just so sad that i ma going gym for 2 months and i did not loss any fat or lean muscle but i m trying to focus but this weak result make me weak everyday please help me someone i wanna look handsome but i gain some belly fat i am trying but its not working i know i do not eat green veggies i am trying to do every excercise please help me i can not eat veggies but i wanna loss my belly fat thanks u

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Love you have to try and be posertive ok you don't go to the gym but you can go for a walk cut down on your portion sizes no rubbish eating chips chocolate crisps cake biscuits white bread all these sort of things are bad for you unless you cut them out and reduse your portion size and do some walking your not going to loose weight harsh I know but only you can do this Be strong we are here to support you but you have to help yourself Go on give it a go and in a couple of weeks You will see a difference show the world that you CAN do it . Good luck have a good week


Thank you so much for saying this. I was going to say the same thing about going for a walk.

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The only way to lose belly fat is to burn it off through exercise. If you've been trying at the gym, and haven't got the results, maybe you haven't been doing enough, or the right combination of exercise?

If you;ve got fat lying over your tummy you have to burn that before any muscle will show, so if you have been doing lots of sit-ups or other tummy toning exercise, but not enough jogging, rowing, stepping etc. which will help burn off the fat, then your tummy muscles may well have toned up nicely, but you just can't see them through the fat!

Could you speak to one of the trainers at the gym, explain that you want to focus on your tum, and see what they suggest, then give your programme a good go - 3 months of dedicated effort should see some noticeable changes.

Be honest with yourself re your food, too. Are your portion sizes too big? If you are not losing weight then you are eating too many calories, If you are putting weight on, then you are eating even more too many calories. If you pay real attention to your calroie intake over the next three months you can lose a stone or more, and a lot of that will very likely come off your tummy.

Finally, you say you can't eat vegetables - but why? If you have a functioning jaw and a set of teeth, then you can eat them, and you should. If you don;t like them, I'd suggest treat them as medicine and force them down. At least 2 portions with your lunch, and at least 3 with your dinner every day. Try out ways of disguising them - eg what about a big bowl of home-made vegetable soup? Or make vegetable spaghetti with a spiralizer? Or hide them in a home-made beefburger? There are quite a few ways to make them less obviously veggies! It's worth the effort, as they are very good for you, and they really fill you up and make it easier not to be tempted by other foods.


Hi Saad619 it is very hard but you have to give yourself time your weight wasn't put on on 2months so it's not going to go as quickly either.

Exercise is very important in loosing weight but I think you need to focus on taking it slowly. Start by walking. Buy a pedometer and aim for 10'000 steps a day. Buy or download a few fitness DVDs that you can do at home so you don't have too be in the gym environment until you feel better in yourself and can go again.

Unfortunately it's 80% food and drink intake and only 20% exercise that really makes a difference in weight loss. Read through the nhs12wk plan again, plan your meals, eat as healthy as you can but don't deprive yourself of the things you enjoy as it won't be sustainable.

Move more but aiming on one area (your tummy) won't get rid of the fat there. Tummy fat is very stubborn and is normally the last part of the body to trim down. Don't expect miracles overnight it may take a few months more to notice but you will if you stick with the plan.

Measure your tummy, legs, arms chest ect as you may lose inches aswell as lbs.

And most importantly try to be positive...only you can make the change in yourself. Good luck 😀


I agree. Being positive is the best thing to do first.

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The worst offenders for visceral fat are fructose and alcohol, that have to be processed by the liver, with any excess emanating as fat.

Vegetable oils confound the receptors for insulin, along with visceral fat, leading to inflammation and insulin-resistance. This excess insulin predisposes us to fat deposition.

Foods that spike insulin then compound the situation. Avoid high-glycaemic foods glycemicindex.com and anomalies such as baked beans or fruit yoghurt.


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