Root veg casserole

I love this, an old fav of mine, meaty veg! I make about 2 portions with this.

1 large carrot

Chunk of swede

Large potato/celeriac

1 leek

Good heaped tablespoon of tomato puree

1 teasp of mixed herbs

Veg stock ( I use marigold, the orange one) about enough to cover the veg.


3 heaped tablespoons of flour ( I use wholemeal spelt)

2teasp olive oil

Large pinch of baking powder

Water to bind

Chop all veg, put in slow cooker, ( or oven) mix tomato puree with made up veg stock, cook for about 4 hrs on high, thicken sauce, I use rice flour in place of cornflour.

Add in dumplings and cok for 20 mins


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14 Replies

  • That sounds really good, I will try this for myself! Thanks, Diana. :)

  • It is nice, it's a very old recipe and simple, you could of course add pulses or cold meat to it, very English too

  • I like that it is vegetarian and has potential for being vegan friendly with some very simple changes. :)

  • Well it pretty much is vegan, the extras meat or pulses is just well an add on

  • It depends on how the dumplings are made but yes, it could be very easily made to be vegan. :) I've got to grips with a vegetarian life-style but I'm going to get more serious about being vegan. It requires a little more thought but I think it is worth it. :)

  • As it said with olive oil, less processed than suet , or butter

  • I will make this at some point I am sure, thanks once again. :) I love reading other people's recipes.

    PS - edited it, darn spell checker!!

  • Vegetarian suet is available😊

  • Yeah I know, adapted to a cupboard staple tho, suet is st some point more processed than olive oil

  • Hi Diana,

    Another lovely recipe - this is great!!! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • I'll post the chickpea and peeper tangine next, now I know where to put them all 😊, thanks low All!

  • Lovely, that one sounds great too - I think it's brilliant that we can build up the recipes and that they're easy to find now in the topic sections. I'm really looking forward to trying them out. I am definitely going to give your Veg Lasagne one a try later this week. :-) Chickpea and Pepper Tagine sounds really tasty!!! They all do. :-) Thanks for posting them. :-)

  • Love a casserole 😊

  • That sounds lovely will give it a go, thanks

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