Slow and steady.. and frustrating

I've had a few days to browse through some of the things posted by some of the other amazing users of this place. And while it's been completely inspiring, it's also been a bit disheartening!

I appreciate that everyone is different and people do things in their own ways and we should all feel good about ourselves. I genuinely feel so happy for everyone but I am not feeling good about how long it has taken me to lose weight.

I have always been overweight and at my heaviest I was 18 stone. I'm now 15 stone 2lbs. I've been REALLY trying to lose weight since April 2015 when I joined slimming world, and I have lost 2 stone in that time. So when I read about amazing people who have lost that in six months, or even less, it makes me wonder if I should actually be proud of myself or feel a bit rubbish that I'm obviously not taking it as seriously as everyone else seems to?

I DO want to be healthier and fitter and be able to buy clothes and feel good about myself, and I have made a lot of changes... but sometimes it doesn't feel good enough. I want to be able to shout about how happy I am at my weight loss, and I AM a bit happy.. but when I think about how long it's taken me, I wonder why I'm not doing more?

I wasn't aiming to have my first post be a moan I promise! I'm not trying to take away from how great everyone else is and how happy I am for people when they've managed to do something so amazing. I just feel a bit deflated about it I suppose.

Anyway! I will keep trying everyday :) And I hope to be able to support others along the way!

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  • Weight loss is not a race. In fact, the slower you lose, the more likely you will have established good eating habits FOR LIFE and will be able to keep the weight off.

    Losing weight quickly can often result in a rebound weight gain ...think of a pendulum swinging one way and then swings right back the other!

    You are in this for the long haul Kinbun - not a quick fix, so be thrilled that you are winning the battle ....those other quick losers might soon be meeting you coming back the other way!

  • Agreed. Well said for us all !!

  • I agee 100% with DartmoorDumpling , be proud of what you have achieved so far, slow weight loss is the best way for all sorts of reasons.

  • First of all welcome to the forum. A lot of what I have to say compliments DartmoorDumpling s reply to you. A slow weight loss means that you are more likely to not yoyo back to where you were. You are retraining your body and brain. Instead of a results driven diet, you are learning how to live a much healthier lifestyle, an holistic approach really. I lost a lot of weight very quickly a few years ago and put it back on again. That was because I just wanted the end result i.e. the success and the praise. Second time round having learnt the hard way, there isn't going to be a sudden end to the diet and a return to 'eating normally' again as the new ways are for good. I am learning how to eat well and lose at the same time.

    I feel your frustration but what you are achieving, albeit at a slower pace than you want, is a sustainable and manageable way to lose weight. You didn't mention in your post whether you have a favourite way to exercise. I am actually enjoying swimming and using my exercise bike.

    Keep going and don't get disillusioned. Thee tortoise did win in the end. Xxxx

  • Thank you for your replies, they've made me feel a lot better about my progress. I guess I should be happy that I haven't put it back on and I feel like I'm managing well without feeling deprived of treats or anything.

    I go swimming once a week, which I love. And I also have an exercise bike which I find helpful! I've recently bought a 'Fit in 15' DVD which gives a bit more variation and a quick work out for limited time! And my partner recently bought me a fitness mini-stepper which I hate :p

  • Hi like everyone has said you are doing fantastically. I too need to loose a lot and am about 1-1/2 lbs a week loosing but that's ok as slowly slow but sure is best fast off, fast on.

    I am sure you must feel fitter but are your clothes fitting better? As you are exercising quite a lot too I imagine muscle is building as fat is moving away so don't worry you are doing a great job and obviously have a partner who is encouraging.

    Best wishes Bev

  • I'm another tortoise! It's not a race (thank goodness!) the important thing is to keep to plan and not re gain any weight which you are doing 😊 Very well done 😊

  • DartmoorDumpling has pretty much said it all; be loud and proud about your fantastic achievement. I'm slowing down now because, quite frankly, I feel great and my health is better and I want to keep this weight off for good, so I am actually trying to do what you are doing and hoping to keep this blubber off forever and ever and ever. It really isn't about how much weight you lose, or how quickly you lose it at all and the number on those scales doesn't mean a thing. My goodness, if I can keep my 3 stone off in the long term and maintain my current level of fitness and health for a decade or two I will be well pleased with myself! In the ideal world I could do with losing another 3 stone and if I carry on doing what I am doing some more weight should come off yet, but keeping 3 stone off is success in anyone's eyes but losing 6 stone and putting on 7 stone? - no, not going to happen to me this time. You are doing just the right thing - I find when I am feeling negative thoughts about myself, I give myself a good talking to and think what I would say to myself if someone else posted those thoughts. That usually puts it all into perspective for me. Keep going Kinbun and success is yours already if you only knew it. You have lost loads of weight - buy yourself some new clothes, then try on some of your old baggies that you used to wear when you were bigger. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face x

  • When I reach the 2 stone lost I'll be over the moon, even if it does take me a while - it's an amazing achievement so well done you!

  • Thank you :)

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