Feeling deflated

Been super dieting for 4 weeks today and weighed myself this morning. I've now lost 6.3kg which is almost 1 stone but I don't feel or look any different. I know I have a lot to go and have already set my new target for the next 4 weeks so hoping at this target end I will start noticing a change. I have a total of 31kg to loose eventually so I know it won't be quick but was hoping all my hard work would be noticeable anyone else feel like this ?


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17 Replies

  • Hello Jenniebeanrocks 😊 That is an excellent weight loss! You have lost over 5% of your body weight, in less than a month? That's really very good 😊🎉👏😊

    I know you are doing this to get healthier for surgery, and I hope this is all going ahead?

    Best wishes 😊

  • It's so annoying isn't it! For those first few milestones you need to find rewards that are yours rather than external. You know how hard you have been working and you know how much you have lost. Other people may not notice for a while so you need a validation that is yours. A new bubble bath or lipstick. A trip to the cinema. A new book. Whatever reward feels special to you because you have done exceptionally well. Whether you can see a difference or not yet. Good luck.

  • Thanks for your comment I'm having a new tattoo tomorrow so seeing that as my reward haha any excuse really

  • How exciting! What are you having done?

  • Hi there!

    I read somewhere that the first 20 - 30 lbs of fat lost actually is not too visible to us due to where the fat is taken from; mainly the first place we lose extra weight is from around our organs. As this is 'hidden' fat (otherwise known as visceral fat), away from our skin and internal, the weight loss is not that visible. However, be assured your body will reap the benefit! The reason our body loses the fat around our organs first is very much for our benefit; organs don't do well surrounded by lots of fat, some yes, but not too much.

    I know this is probably not what you want to hear but learning this helped keep me motivated and the good news is once you're past the first 20 - 30 lb weight loss you will start to notice a difference. :)

    Sazkia x ♥

  • Thats really interesting i didnt know that. ☺

  • When you take a step back and think about it though it does make sense. :) I don't know but I think this helped me to keep going, knowing my body was doing what it needed to do; after-all, I am losing this extra weight to be healthier so I was happy knowing my body was getting rid of this most dangerous fat first. :)

  • Respecting your body is awesome ☺

  • Really good point 😊 I definitely FEEL much fitter and energetic even if the numbers still say fat!!! 😊

  • I didn't know that either. The body is amazing !

  • Have you ever seen a picture of what 20lbs of fat looks like? It's a lot, what a great achievement. I remember seeing a pic of someone holding 5lbs, which was around what I had list at the time and thought wow I'm not carrying that about any more x good luck with your journey x

  • Hi! I'm new here :) But I just wanted to say congratulations! That's an amazing weight loss in such a short space of time.

    It's hard to notice a difference at first but you will get there :) I have started taking monthly pictures of myself in a full length mirror - I'm hoping after I've done this for six months I can line them all up and see a difference. Maybe this is something you could do weekly if you're losing weight so brilliantly? :)

    Just an idea to help keep you motivated!

    Also, keep in mind that other people will ALWAYS notice before you can see it - so take it seriously when people tell you how great you look or how much weight you've lost! I know I've always discounted anything nice people say in this way before, but it's true that they notice first and more easily than you. :)

    Goodluck! :)

  • Thanks for your comment my next target is set and I'm already on my way again and feeling good which is the main point I suppose. I will just need to be patient and hopefully see some results soon. Good luck on your own journey

  • Hi Jennie

    I spent a week reducing my calorie intake to around 600calories every other day.4 days in total over 1 week.didnt lose anything,i was gutted.

  • Oh no really ? I'm basically doing a 5-2 diet I eat at weekends and find as my stomach is shrinking so is the plate I'm putting in front of me. Keep going it will come

  • Hi Jennie , not well today so no problem worrying about what I'm eating as I have just had some biscuits ,rich tea.

    I'll keep you posted.

  • I don't feel any different either if it helps you. But keep thinking how much less fat there must be if you've lost a stone of it - nasty yellow stuff that surgeons really don't like to see clogging around your vital organs and underneath your skin in all the wrong places.

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