I did it!

I did it!

Well, I finally managed to get to my personal goal of 10 stone ‘something’ - I weighed in today at 10 stone 11lb and 8oz, so I have lost over 2 stone since January as I started at 13 stone 1lb. The majority of this loss only took until June, but those last few pounds really like to cling on for dear life! 😕 I now have a BMI of 23.

It was my wedding anniversary last weekend and I am happy to report that I weigh less than when I got married 11 years ago ☺

I’ve changed the way I view food. I honestly enjoy eating a good chicken caesar salad as much as I used to enjoy fish and chips. I still love a glass of wine, but generally only at weekends. I will NEVER stop eating chocolate EVER, but now a small bar satisfies the craving.

My fitbit has really helped keep me motivated to move more. Apparently I have walked 500 miles in the last 10 weeks 😊

I’m not a lover of selfies but here’s one I made earlier ☺

Massive thanks to everyone’s support and motivation on this site. Now I just have the daunting prospect of maintaining, but if I lose some more in the process then I won’t be complaining!

Thanks for listening xxx


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39 Replies

  • Hi Suffolkwomble,

    Wow, you look fantastic!!!! Really great news to hear you've achieved your goal to get into the 10's - Wow - that is really great!!! :-) Many Congratulations!!! :-)

    Wishing you success with maintaining. Let either myself or moreless know if you'd like a 'Maintainer' badge! You are looking good with the 'Healthy BMI' badge in anycase. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal. A new I did it badge would be great 😊

  • ok, on its way!!! :-) - It looks GREAT on you!!!! :-)

  • Woo-hoo! You look fab and well done on your hard work, it has certainly paid off :)

  • Thank you lesstolose!! X

  • Well done fantastic Suffolkwomble. FANTASTIC result. ☺

  • Thank you so much!

  • Wow womble, you look fantastic! WTG you! :)

    I see that you're wearing a maintainer badge, which looks absolutely super on you, but did you want an "I did it" badge? :)

  • An I did it badge would be fantastic, thank you 😀

  • My pleasure suffolkwomble, wear it with pride, because you soooo deserve it! :)

  • It's this type of post with a lovely success photo that keep us going onwards and downwards. Congratulations suffolkwomble you have done so well. Xx

  • Thank you slimpickings x

  • Whoop whoop 😊❤️🎉👏😊 very well done and many congratulations 😊😊😊

  • Yep, feeling very whoop whoop at the moment! Thank you x

  • You look great! Congratulations on your weight loss and on your walking! Love a success story 😊

  • Thank you so much x

  • Well done on reaching your goal, you look great. Good luck with maintaining.

  • Thank you!

  • Hello suffolkwomble.

    You ought to be incredibly proud of your efforts, since you truly do look fantastic, even if you’ve never been a fan of selfies (I dare say that may change).

    However, I’m sure that at the start of your journey, back in January, you had similar feelings of anguish and self-doubt over how you were going to accomplish weight loss.

    Nonetheless, you overcame them and shed over two stone in the process, whilst also altering your relationship with food, particularly in understanding that even when reducing calorie consumption, you could still ‘have your cake and thoroughly enjoy eating it’.

    Now that you’re seeking to maintain the weight you’ve lost, on the provision that you don’t routinely exceed TDEE, you’ll be able to maintain current weight with consummate ease, whilst still being able to enjoy chocolate and wine (provided they’re factored into your total daily energy expenditure).

    Since your body no longer possesses the amount of body fat it once did, in order to maintain current weight, you’ll need to ensure that the calories consumed from food exceed BMR, thus, ensuring that daily energy demands continue to be met.

    As such, consultation of BMR/TDEE calculators remain equally as prevalent when seeking to maintain as they do when attempting to lose weight.

    However, having obtained figures for both, by seeking to maintain a slight deficit from your TDEE (50-100Kcal per day), you’ll reduce the risk of unwanted weight gain. The maintenance of a slight deficit from TDEE will also counteract those days when you do over-indulge (they do happen on occasion).

    Moreover, by keeping protein at 35% of daily intake and consumption of simple/refined carbohydrates to a minimum (in favour of complex varieties), you’ll go a long way to maintaining current weight, since levels of satiety will be maintained throughout the day.

  • Thanks for your suggestions x

  • Well done you!

  • 😊

  • Inspiring Suffolk womble. 2 stone is really impressive. Thanks for sharing it is one of the things that keeps me going along with all the lovely advice and support on the forum

  • Thank you for your kind words ☺

  • You look amazing! Really well done on achieving your target. So reassuring to see that it is not an overnight process to get there but that you have still done it. Thanks for some Monday inspiration and enjoy your success. Hoping I look as happy and healthy soon.

  • Thank you! I am sure you will get there too. Just don't give up! ☺

  • Wow well done suffolkwomble on reaching your goal it's an amazing feeling good luck for your future you look amazing xx

  • Thank you! 😊

  • Brilliant! Well done. What an achievement.

  • Thank you x

  • Very well done you, Suffolkwomble! Great result! :)

  • You'll have to give me some tips on maintaining 😀

  • Congratulations suffolkwomble on reaching your goal 👏👏👏

    You have done amazingly well, thank you for posting a lovely success story which will encourage others on here, I'm soooo pleased for you 😄

    Your beautiful pic says it all, if we keep going, through ups and downs, we can succeed 👍👍

    Good luck with maintaining 🍀 That's the bit I'm not looking forward to as when I add more food/calories to my day, I go to the extreme and eat everything in sight 😟

    Thanks for putting a big smile on my face today - I bet you have one on your's too 😁😁

    Mouse 🐭

  • Thanks 🐀

  • Many congratulations and well done! 🎉👍

  • Thank you!

  • Struggling to find the right words! - Wow? Does that one work? All the above. It's quite amazing. Well done, well done!

  • Thank you for your kind words Lofters ☺

  • U look great well done, you have motivated me to keep going thanks

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