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Unhappy with my self

I started my diet on 28th August, I was 16stone and size 24. 44-37-47.

Today I am 9stone 10 38-32-43 and just put on my size 12 jeans (with a lot of grunting and breathing in).

The problem is I know I have done amazingly, I know I've been harsh on myself and this is a huge success, but it doesn't feel like it. In fact I hate that I've not done enough.

Does anyone else think like this?

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Hello Saff42 😊

You have done amazing! You started around the same time as me, and have lost twice as much weight!! You need to look in the mirror and tell yourself "I am fabulous"!!! 😊😊😊

Unfortunately we are our own harshest critics . . . And I don't know how to resolve that 😕

But I think you are amazing!! Very well done! 😊🎉👏🎈😊

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From a size 24 to a 12 wow that's amazing


So 7 stone in one month, or do you mean last year? That is an amazing weight loss, well done you!!! I've still got a way to go at the start of my journey again and can't imagine how it will feel if I ever manage what you have achieved... be kind to yourself, why do you feel its not enough? How far off your target are you? Weight loss is very difficult and you are seriously smashing it and I bet you look fabulous too :)


That is an amazing achievement, you should be very proud of yourself, everyone on here knows that losing that amount of weight takes determination and perseverance, you've done really well. You must be feeling so much fitter and healthier too; maybe you just need time to adjust to the 'new you'.


Mmmm firstly well done what an achievement. 👍I cat wait to be where you are. I presume it's taken you a year.

I think you need to consider why did you loose weight was it for you or another reason?

I just wonder if the weightloss was for another reason and has this has had an impact on why you feel discruntled with the result.

You have done so well whatever the reason you are a fabulous achiever. ☺

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Wow what an achievement you have done amazing well done you x


Being overweight takes up a massive amount of negative headspace so we have this idea that being slim will solve it all. While losing weight is a huge confidence builder it doesn't solve whatever the problems we are struggling with otherwise. It's a bizarre contradiction that you can feel rubbish while knowing you look incredible after such an enormous effort, but it's a sign that you could maybe do with some help to resolve what is bothering you. If you haven't got good friends close by would you maybe think of asking your doctor if there's any chance of some counselling to help as support? Sometimes we need a bit of help from outside to see the perspective. You've done brilliantly, be kind to yourself!


I think it takes a while for the brain to catch up, I have lost 8 stone and still feel unhappy with the way I look, but try to concentrate on all the good things I have achieved, such as a much healthier body and meeting new exercise targets.

Losing that amount of weight is hard on the body and hard on your own mental wellbeing, it is a massive change and you may need some counselling to help come to terms with it all.

Thanks so much for bringing this subject up, so many people thing that just because you have lost a lot of weight that all your problems will go away and you should feel blissfully happy. Unfortunately, life just isn't like that!


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