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Hi everyone,I am 58years and for most of that time have been overweight. I have now been shocked into realising what being obese does to you not only on the outside, but on the inside, you know it affects everything but you don't see it so you don't bother the same.I have recently been watching Dr G Medical examiner on Really channel , she does post mortems and is very nice but blunt in a polite way,the cases I have watched have been young, sudden death, weight and alcohol related.So I am going to shape myself and lose some fat. I thought I'd share this with you all

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Hi d welcome to this encouraging friendly forum.

Please check the pinned posts section to the right of the screen and join in any challenges you wish.

Weigh in is Monday am or pm.

Check your BMI using the checker so you can see your calorie allowance.

I use a fit bit to check calories, steps, water etc as I find it helps keep me on track.

I am on the 12 week plan currently on week 19 so going second time around. Download the weeks you can fill them in weekly plus there's tips on each one.

I too am overweight and have been since I had my first child 33 years ago (56 at the moment) I think when you reach your 50's you start having problems arthritis, shortness of breath, plus add the menopause on top and you are well and truly stuffed.

This is the only change of lifestyle I have stuck to ( we are not dieting, nothing is forbidden) you just are educated to choose wisely within your calorie allowance and it works. I have never been more interested what is actually going in my stomach as I am now.

You can do this if I can anyone can so far upto week 19 I have lost 2st 8lbs so it's doable and quite easy.

Good Luck keep posting how you are doing and shout up if you need help.

Best wishes Bev😊👍⭐️


Hi, like you I am 58 (nearly 59) and have been overweight and on and of diets for most of my life. I joined this site about 8 weeks ago after starting yet another diet. Have been eating 1400 calories per day, and, including what I initially lost, have lost 15 pounds so far. It works out about 1.5 per week. I think the big difference this time is that, firstly I am eating healthily and secondly, that I am exercising. It started of by just walking for an hour once or twice a week, but now I am actually jogging 3 times a week. I'm not suggesting that you do this, I just wanted to share that I never thought I could do that. Anything is possible! So, JUST DO IT FOR YOU!. Good luck and keep posting.


Thankyou for your reply,I do exercise with the dogs but my diet could be better.Best wishes to yourself and keep up the good work


Hi Baildon :)

Welcome to the forum and I hope you really enjoy being an active member here. :) I like to watch shows like 'My 600lb Life', 'Supersize Vs Supperskinny' and 'Obese: A Year to Safe My Life'. I find them really motivating and keeps me on the right path regarding healthy eating. :)

Good luck and see you around. :)

Sazkia ♥


You sound very determined, so I'm sure you'll have great success. Just think, by Christmas you could be at least a stone lighter in weight if you start now and keep going.

Best of luck!


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