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Saffybell here hope you got my reply if not I shall say now what I said hi lizzi wow that's loads of steps after your iorning washing sorting your kids went out for a walk then you decided you still needed more steps so you started walking round the house that's when your kids think your bonkers but I say wish I had your enjoy and could walk that much but me wheelchair won't let me take care

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Hi Saffybell,

You can send private messages to people if you want to, and I can see that you're trying to communicate with Lizzy70 - so I've tagged her so she can see your message easier.

To tag someone you put @ and then select their name. It then comes up in blue and the person is notified of a tag.

Hope that helps.

Lowcal :-)


MrNiceGuy Thankyou Saffybell for your kind words I suppose we can take for granted when we are mobile It must be hard when you are restricted in a wheelchair I have had a back problem where it did fix its self for 6-8 weeks . Mr Niceguy on here would probably have some good advice for you regarding gentle exercise his so knowledgeable and the advice given is appropriate. I've have still got along way to go and I have been down this road too many time so it has to be the last time just feels different this time this web site is so supportive I love logging on most days to see what everyone's up to reading about people journey just starting or who have achieved their goal I started at 17st 3lb would love to get down to 11st 10 lb so still another 4halfstone look after yourself and seek advice gp should be able to help there will be exercise out there for you .Its really nice chatting to people who Understand xx

PS hope you don't mind MrNiceGuy your advice is so knowledgable 😄😄😄


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