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Start of a new journey - day 5

Good evening everyone 🙂 Hope you've had a fab day and on the plus side 'ITS FRIDAY!!!' I had a busy day gym, counselling appointment, shopping, visiting family etc, etc. But I have turned down the offers of cakes and biscuits although I could murder a bar of chocolate at the moment. Perhaps I'll treat myself to a small one tomorrow 😉.

So what are your exciting plans this weekend? X

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Hey Rosie, Sounds like you had a very positive day! Well done for resisting things today, you deserve your treat tomorrow!

My local area is having a jumble trail tomorrow and I am taking part. Basically you set up a stall on your doorstep and sell anything you don't want anymore. You can also sell any things you make. I am selling old clothes and photographs I have taken of the local area. I will be offering refreshments too which is usually very popular. As I sit typing this I have a cake (passion cake which is banana and carrot) baking in the oven. I hope I sell most of it, although as I have been super healthy and on track lately I will definitely have a slice!

So wish me luck, at least the weather forecast is good!


Your cake sounds scrummy, I'm salivating lol. Good luck x


Happy Friday :)

This weekend I will be watching my hubby do the Gung Ho! run at Woolaton Hall with our little girl, she's too small to do the run yet so I'm hoping that next year all three of us will be able to run it together. On Sunday we are getting together with his side of the family to go and see his nan in hospital and then out for a family pub lunch.

What do you have going on?

Have a great weekend



Hi Deb,

I haven't got much planned at the moment. Might try and drag my 12 year old out of his pit for a walk if the weather stays dry. A Gung Ho run sounds like fun, wish your husband good luck from me x

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Hi Rosie,

Yay, it is Friday!!!! How exciting!!! You sound like you've had a productive and busy day. Well done for turning down those offers of cake and biscuits. I hope you enjoy your small chocolate bar tomorrow.

Have a lovely weekend. I've not planned my weekend yet, so I need to do that, to ensure I stay on track!!! :-)

Lowcal :-)

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Hi Lowcal,

I've not got much planned for the weekend yet, but I do need to get my steps up, am loving my Fitbit, as yesterday and today have been a bit slack lol.

Have a great weekend x

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