Week 1 weight in - 2kg!

Week 1 weight in - 2kg!

Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend :) I have completed Week 1 of the NHS program and I have lost a total of 2kg. My initial weight was 97.5kg (as at 5th Sept) and today I weight 95.5kg.I have attached the chart in case anyone is interested.

Keep up the good work, we can do it!

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  • Well done. 2kg in the first week is great. I have just joined today and hope I can do the same.

  • Thank you Roset16. My advice for this week is just take every day as it comes and try to stay positive! :) Good luck!

  • Very well done! That's an excellent loss😊 The first week is the most difficult😊 Good luck for this week 😊

  • Thank you so much Anna61! It was truly a difficult week but I feel like it started to get better already. Good luck to you too! :)

  • Dear AAmihai,

    I do compliment for your achievement, however I believe that you should revise your calorie intake, you constantly eat less or around 1200kcal per day which is not the best option for you. 1400/1500 kcal per day is the minimum you need to keep your metabolism active otherwise you will experience the starvation mode soon.

    You lost loads of weight this week because you drastically changed your habits, but 2 kilos doesn't mean that you only burnt fat. Most of your weight loss is liquids. Eat a bit more, losing weight doesn't mean that you have to get sick.

    I recommend reading this NHS page so that you can have a more balanced diet nutritionist-resource.org.u...

  • Hi Teresina,

    Thank you for your comment. Indeed, I found the 1200 limit hard as I am working out as well so this week I increased my calories intake to 1400. I am still discovering what works best for me so thank you for your comment! This time I really want to keep away the weight once I lose it. :)

  • That's a really good idea 😊 The more you can eat and still Lose weight the better 😊

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