Tip of the week. The quickest way to lose 300 calories every single day

Tip of the week. The quickest way to lose 300 calories every single day

Hi losers,

Here's my tip of the week.

The quickest way to lose 300 calories every single day? Don't eat it in the first place. A simple piece of cake or that chocolate bar could add a massive 300 calories to your daily intake blowing any chance of a calorie deficit for the day and all for very little nutritional value to the body. If you do need to snack, and there is no reason why you shouldn't snack, then hit the veg and salsa. Great for the body, mind and sole as, when you get on the scales, your feet won't hurt as much as you will be lighter..........Sole...........get it............ok it wasn't one of my best jokes...

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and that you all become massive losers by the next weigh in.

Loser Gary

Total loss as of today.........155lbs


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6 Replies

  • I hear what you are saying Gary and you are right. If you don't eat it then you will not be consuming the calories. It's having the resolve to say no to the kind offers of cake when out, not having a sneaky biscuit or two with your cuppa and not indulging in the staffroom treats which arrive because it is someone's birthday (again!!). Not easy and yet not impossible. I have had to remove snacking as it was a habit that I knew could easily slide from a piece of fruit, to a healthyish cereal bar to just chocolate. A slippery slope but that is personal to me, others are better at healthy snacks. I have gone 14 weeks now snack free and don' t feel the need for the cake with my coffee. I have broken the habit. Finally.

    Of course, if life were simple, none of us would require this forum. But that's why we're here. To offer sensible advice but to also pick each other up when we feel rubbish because we have slipped up.

    Well done with your continued weight loss. Onwards and downwards Xx

  • I really am a cake-o-holic. It's my thing but I do eat it in September. Mostly because it's my birthday but also because there are lots of Macmillan coffee mornings and I say to the members of my weight loss group, if you go to a Macmillan Coffee Morning then you can go that week without weight loss. It's a free week but that doesn't mean put weight on.....I do make the most of it like last weekend I ate cake for Britain but the next day I did a half marathon around the village, breaking my PB by 4 minutes, to burn off those extra calories........

    One proviso for my group, if you do go to a coffee morning then you must take a photo of yourself with said cake as proof..............

  • That's lovely getting your club involved with such a worthwhile charity.

  • It's about making choices 😊 I agree with you dadtoad that fir some people, 'spending' 300 calories on a slice of cake is extravagant, but as long as it's within daily calories and not every day then why not? life is short 😊

  • I'd never say don't eat it. If, at that time it's what you need then munch away so long as you, like you said, take it into your calorie count. The only problem is though, as it's mainly sugar, you'll get a sugar high very quick followed by a low just as quick meaning you'll get hungry quickly.

  • I can't have it in the house otherwise I scoff it. My "treat" is some fruit usually however, once a month or so I cave in and have a piece of cake but on the whole I have to behave. The picture of that cake looks so yummy! :-D

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