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Home at last = scale

Home at last = scale

Hi everyoneSo I have some good news! I am finally home (in Cape Town) and was able to weigh myself at last! I was scared, thinking I hadn't lost anything, but it seems I was quite wrong! Since my last weigh in at home about a 5 weeks ago I have now lost 5kg :D!

Looking forward to joining the weekly weigh-ins on Monday!

Hope everyone is sticking to the plan!

Thought I would add some scenery from my last stop before coming home - Cape St Francis

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Woohoo DiveMonkey, what a fantastic result! Well done you! :)

That's a beautiful picture, lucky you! :)

Looking forward to seeing you at the weigh-in :)

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Oh well done. What a lovely view makes me want to take a walk on the beach. Good luck for Monday weigh in. 😊👍

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Whoop whoop 😊🎉😊 that's an excellent loss!! Very well done 😊 Fab photo too, I hope you will be very happy in your new home 😊


Wow brilliant news that you still managed to loose weight

Glad you got home safe

The photo is beautiful and the weather looks good to , wish I could say the same been raining all night and day 😡 Never mind

Have a good week

Pam x


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