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I am 19 years old and I have been wanting to loose weight since I was 5, my parents have done a lot already to try and help me. 2years back I did loose 4 stone but I put it back on again and I'm really struggling to do what I did when I lost that weight. Also, I've been with my partner for a year and a couple of months and since I got with him we do nothing but sit in and eat lots of munchies I need to give him the will power to do something with me as my friends are in work a lot now. Me and my mum are looking to do a fitness class but nothing has been said yet and I hardly have money to buy big expensive healthy meals, as I am a student in university living at home. I have asthma so I do struggle with excercise but I really need to do something as I do not like my body one bit and I do drama in university and it is a lot about using your body and I just feel really uncomfortable. If someone could give me serious advice I would love to hear it! Thankyou!

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Hello :)

Eating healthily doesn't have to ve expensive as you can make large meals and freeze them. Try Aldi or Lidl as they are so much cheaper. Or the asda cheapo going out of date bit, get loadsa meat from there and freeze! I started growing my own veg too!

I live with my partner who is skinny as a rake and can eat whatever he wants, and its hard to not eat what he has for tea. You have to stand up and say no to takeaway/junk food and whether or not your partner gives it up, you can do it. Make small changes like going for walks - don't try to run before you can walk!

My asthma was horrible before I started losing weight, and now after a 4st loss I can do a fitness video all the way through, and starting C5K soon. If you really want to lose weight, you can do it, and you can always come and rant on here and we'll all support you!! Believe in yourself, that is the first part you need to succeed!!


Awww thankyou very much this has really helped to motivate me!


Hi Anna

Darling you don't need expensive gym equipment all you need to do is go for a nice long walk with you mum and partner , don't sit on the sofa it's lovely weather now so you could be enjoying the outside life instead of sitting indoors munching ,that is half the problem ,

The other half is count calories eat everything that grows off the trees and out of the ground that's my motto ,you can have meat and fish but you must weigh everything before you put it in your mouth ,also Wright it all down !!!

It's hard the first week but you get used to it I bought a book and the things I eat on a regular basis I Wright the calorie content in the back of the book saves me keep looking it up .

You can do this if you really want to and put your mind to it but you have to persevere , I have lost a stone now in 4 weeks it will get slower I'm sure but you can do this start today life is short .

Good luck to you love ,

Have a good week

Pam x

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Thankyou very much I will try the book thing sounds very useful! Motivated now!


Good luck love you can really do it x

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