It's all gone wrong

I feel terrible I just scoffed a large bar of Lindt. I feel sick and guilty.

I feel disgusting and disgusted with myself. I haven't put on or lost in nearly two weeks. I just can't get into it and now I've let myself down.

I need motivation and encouragement I need to lose this weight I feel disgusting when I see myself in the mirror. I hate everything about me. I can't see myself doing this.

Sorry for the rant!


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12 Replies

  • Stop right there. You are not any of those words with which you have described yourself. Tomorrow is a new start. Maybe try and unpick why you needed the chocolate at that particular moment. It is being armed with that understanding of yourself that will help you on this weight loss journey and the support of this lovely forum. Xxxx

  • Ulala please don't be so hard on yourself, 2 weeks of non moving and I'd be ready to eat anything I could lay my hands on. You haven't ruined anything. You need to get your head right, eventually if you are doing things right your body will get the scales moving again. You need to make peace with your body! You may want to lose weight but you need to accept and love your body for what it is. It's marvelous and it's the only one you will ever get. You are beautiful. You deserve a happy healthy life. You can do it and we're all here for you. You had some chocolate, so what. Move on right now. You are definitely worth that x x x

  • Please don't be so hard on yourself.That one bar will not massively influence anything on it's own. It's what you do next that counts! Yesterday I had a scone with jam and clotted cream! I was out for the day and wanted to enjoy myself. But today I had natural yoghurt and blueberries, cheese on toast and will have a jacket potato with something for supper.

    You don't have to deprive yourself, just find a balance if you can?

  • We all understand that feeling, we are many, many people here who know what it is to struggle with weight, and we do not judge you. And you shouldn't judge yourself so harshly.

    What would your response be if I had posted that I just ate a chocolate bar?

    I am pretty sure you would not tell me, that I made you feel sick and that you were disgusted with me. You would probably tell me that eating something we shouldn't happens to everybody once in a while, and you would try to cheer me up and encourage me to get back at it tomorrow morning with a healthy breakfast and a brisk walk. So, to rewrite a famous quote: Do to yourself what you would do to others :-)

    If I remember correctly, you have lost a stone already but you have four stone to go. It is not going to happen overnight - losing weight is not a sprint, it is a marathon - and it is not a linear process. You are going to have to be a little more patient with yourself. We all make mistakes.

  • One large choc bar isn't thousands of calories -you haven't ruined anything. Sometimes we all need something not extremely healthy. I've got several candy bars in the fridge waiting for Sunday.

    You have maintained your weight for nearly 2 weeks and haven't put anything on -that's very good news !

    Plan some healthy meals, do a grocery haul for fat loss like salad, veggies, fruit, fish, oats. Just after one or two days you'll feel much better.

    Cheer up Ulala, you can do this !

  • Thank you for your support. It's so greT to be able to get advise and help so quickly it means a lot. I'll start afresh tomorrow. Plan and eat really well one day at a time, and true I mustn't deprive myself. I must also remember not to stuff myself. 😊

  • Great! And when you do chose to have something calorific, remember to enjoy it. Eat it mindfully! Chose to do it, be in control of the situation and make the most of it.

  • I know how you feel! I ate a takeaway yesterday and felt awful. The lovely peeps on here reminded me to get it in perspective though, its only one meal. Its what you do on a regular basis that counts, not what you do occasionally. Treats are part of a sustainable weight loss plan.

    I hope you feel better about it now. Its no biggie. ☺


  • Ulala

    Don't be daft you are entitled to rant , you can also do it , think how you feel after eating the chocolate , now think how you would feel if you lost a few pounds You can do this you know you can .

    Start tomorrow one day at a time we are all in the same boat

    Go for it and we will help you

    Pam x

  • Hey, no need to feel terrible. Yesterday I had three chocolate bars. I was conscious of eating them and enjoyed them. I don't usually do that, I know it's a one off. I also know today I certainly won't be doing that. It was one chocolate bar that you had. You need to allow yourself a little indulgence. No need to feel disgusted with yourself either, it's so easy to beat ourselves up when we haven't 'stuck to the plan'. Take one day at a time, you'll get there. Oh, better to have a good rant here as we all totally understand.

  • Ulala, don't feel bad! We've all been there. Just compensate afterwards with something you know is healthy. Be as kind to yourself as you would be to others.Extra treats are just a few more the next day you are more careful.Find some treats which aren't packed with strawberries, or a good long munch on an apple...things which you could eat fairly freely and not feel guilty. I have stones to lose...I'm not going to make myself feel worse over however many months/years it takes. This is long term..Go for it XXXXX

  • I do empathise with you! Lindt chocolate is one of my top 3 temptations and I have frequently succumbed to eating a whole big bar - in fact I refuse to share it whatever the circumstances! My favourite is the wholenut bar - so chocolate and nutty, it's the crack cocaine of chocolate in my opinion.

    Not making light of your feelings, but if you have fallen off the diet wagon for 2 weeks and actually maintained your previous weight loss, you haven't done all that badly. Plenty of people would have put weight back on, which is even more disheartening than standing still.

    Why not use the upcoming new month of September to make a fresh start? 1st September, 3 and a bit months to Christmas, we can all shift a stone or so if we focus, some of us can do much better than that.

    I think it was Rosemary Conley who said "don't let a lapse become a collapse". Wise words.

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