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The heat not helping weight loss

Does anyone else retain fluid in this hot weather I have lost 1stone since I started but when it is hot weather I have a bloated stomach and swollen leg and feet doctor just says drink more water but I do drink lots of water. Just wondered if anyone had any tip on this subject as I am going on holiday today and it will be hotter than this there Help!!!!

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Know the feeling, I always swell up when I'm abroad! No real advice, but it is only temporary, just wear loose clothes, eat healthily, and keep well hydrated, it will go when you return, it won't stay hot in England for very long!


I lie on the floor on my back reading with my legs wedged as straight as I can get against a wall. That helps with the legs. I tried raising the end of my mattress with towels folded up so that I'd be sleeping with my legs higher than my head but it stopped me sleeping well so I gave up. Also it might annoy the person you share your bed with!

swimming seems good too - it's like massage to remove the fluid! And it keeps you cool!

Enjoy the holiday and congratulations on the weight loss.

I think cutting alcohol and salt is also supposed to prevent it but seems a bit mean to say that when you are on holiday!

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The body needs salts especially in hot weather as your body releases huge amounts of this in your sweat. You may not think your sweating but you do it all the time.....

I do long distance running and believe me, after 18 miles, my head is covered in salt as the sweat goes leaving the salts behind.


Right - good point toad. I guess it depends how much salt. Sometimes dieters eat too much of it to make food taste better without calories but yeah, I guess it's a matter of balance!


Hi trimtapir2

I forgot to say though, when you lose these important micronutrients, your body sends out signals to the brain actually telling you that you are lacking in something important. By the time the brain has sent you a message, its gone all chinese whispers and you think you have a craving for chocolate....... These cravings people get are because the body is lacking in something. Eat right and you won't get these cravings. Salt is just one of the many things the body uses during exercise so it's good to try and replace these nutrients either as you are doing exercise or afterwards.


My reply was assuming you didn't like the swelling of the legs because it's uncomfortable, not that you minded because of the change in weight on the scales. Sorry if I got the wrong end of the stick there!



Stay off the scales. You know if your losing weight as your clothes will feel too big. Only take a real weight once every 2 weeks or even better once a month. So long at the needle is going down the you have nothing to worry about.


Drink more water especially in the heat. You will sweat more anyway. Once you're back from your hols or back to our normal weather then your body will sort itself out. You know if you are doing things right. You know that eating that cream filled bun isn't the best decision so, while on holiday just stay focused and watch what you eat and you'll be fine. An average loss of just 1lb a week with 4 weeks off a year will yield a total weight loss of 48lbs a year.....


When I started my run today it was 22 when I finished it was 29 currently it's 38 - I'm now drinking my 4th half litre of water. I feel a bit bloated but it know it won't last - like Caz28 said make sure you keep hydrated. I keep four half litre bottles in the fridge (filled with tap water) that way I know how much I'm drinking in 'normal' weather I try and get through 3 - currently it's about 6. Enjoy your holiday and well done on losing a stone that's a lot of weight to be rid of!


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