I didn't let temptation beat me

I have just got back from my local shop as I had to pick up some bits. I walked down the Isle and there right in front of me is a box of jaffa cakes just screaming at me to buy them . I looked at them it says there low in fat .I thought for a minuet just one wouldn't hurt but I know what I'm like it wouldn't have been just one. So I summoned my will power and walked away I'm now back home having a fruit salad . It doesn't sound like a big thing but a couple of weeks ago I wouldn't have thought twice about it so I'm pleased with myself 😇😊


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9 Replies

  • You deserve to be pleased with yourself 👍 It is these little battles we win that will help us win our war with weight. 😊

  • Well done for resisting the impulse buy, it takes less willpower to leave them on the supermarket shelf than to stop at one once the packet is open. Low in fat they may have been but low in refined sugar and calories? NO!!

  • 48 calories per cake!! Well done keep going☺

  • PS they are my favourites 😢

  • I have the same problem, once I open the box they're all gone! Best to leave them on the store shelf!

    Well done! :)

  • Every little change like this adds up to a healthier lifestyle and feeling better in yourself. Go you!!!! x x

  • A mini fist pump to you I think. Well done resisting. Xx

  • I know,its all those little things you do that adds up! Well done for willingness and determination :)

  • That's great! That's a big win!

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