Week 3 Now

Hi everyone,

Good feelings are coming as the time is passing. During the past two weeks I managed to lose 1kg , now i am 70 kgs With a Bmi 25.7. Want to lose 10 kgs In four month time.

Exercise in only walk and running c25 k on 2nd week now. Didn't manage to strength and flex yet only one session. Tips to increase exercise .

Started eating more vegetables than fruits. As I love fruits more than vegetables, I felt bit difficult to manage more vegetables and a result only in two days I'm constipated now although drinking lots of water.

Need help , some clever ideas for using more vegetables.

I eat my breakfast of 80gms spinach with 1egg and 1 egg white light cheese spread and three black olives.,with very little oil.

Lunch: pasta with lots of carrots ,onions, tomato and chicken and light cheese on top.

Snacks Orange, Apple and some day fruit and seeds.

Dinner: 1 whole meal pitta with chickpea and salad. Beetroot, Romaine hearts and lemon.

Water : Aiming for 3 litres.

Wish me good for this week.


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  • Congratulations on the loss and good luck for more Alli!

    Sounds like you are doing all the right things!

    I find roasted vegetables add lots of flavour - aubergines, onions, peppers, tomatoes. I do a big tray in the oven every four days or so and keep them in the fridge to add to meals. Nice inside an omelette, stirred into pasta or a salad.

    I also like cutting up cauliflower small, boiling it for 5 minutes or so and mixing it into my rice or mashed potato to cut down on my rice/potato portion size. You can also cut courgette into strips to mix in as you boil your pasta.

  • Hi trimtapir2,

    Thanks for encouraging.

    I really like your idea of roasting lots of veggies in a big tray for a few days use .I will do this for me.

    I added capsicum in my pasta as well.

    Courgette next time.

    Have lovely week.

  • Good tip - I will try that too with the capsicum. Thank you!

  • I like adding grated carrot, courgettes and mushrooms to sauces to give extra bulk, but they don't add much calorific value 😊

  • Thanks for the tip.That's really helpful.

    I wanted to ask you which exercise CDs you are using as I am just a home person so exercise in the comfort of my home.

  • Take a look on you tube to try some out for free before you buy. I like Claudia Schiffer (from 1995!) It is quite hard work if you haven't exercised for a while though. The Schiffer is for strength and toning rather than weight loss. You might want something more aerobic - with some dance in - for weight loss.

  • I am not doing exercise from long time so slow will work for me.The name say claudia schiffer is on you tube or I will have to have a look on something else .

    Thanks for your help.

  • There are pirated ones on you-tube yes! (Or at least there were recently). But I think Rosemary Conley is a much better suggestion for someone starting out.

  • So you suggests the same that's great.

  • You're welcome.

    Rosemary Conley - she has loads to choose from πŸ‘

  • Thanks sister. I will choose some which suit me well.

  • Yes this is a much better suggestion. Thanks Isou!

  • No problem. She actually has three levels, so you can start at the low level and progress to advanced.

  • Thanks for your advice. It will be so helpful for me.

  • You're doing really well Awan :)

    Here's a delicious recipe for ratatouille, it can be eaten hot, or cold and extra portions can be frozen to use at a later date :)


  • Thanks Moreless ,

    Oh you are there thanks .the recipe looks so mouth watering.

    I will try it .

  • I hope you enjoy it :)

  • Yes I like all the vegetables used in the recipe.

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