Steps and Bounts

Hi, I have recently discovered that I can link my fitbit to the "bounts" website and earn points (vouchers) for downloading my steps data. The website also supports many other step devices.

It may be worth investigating for those of you who use step meters.

If anyone is interested I can give you an introductory code and we both get an extra 100 bounts when you register.

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  • Hi new-beginner,I'd like to give 'bounts' a try.

    Can you send me the introductory code please?

  • Hi, I have just sent you a message. I hope you find the site motivational.

  • The code is hmccarthy56778088 if any one else is interested in signing up.

  • I just signed up, and used your code, thanks and enjoy your bonus points!

  • Thanks Caz28. I'll be sure to spend them frivolously!

  • thanks new-beginner i will look into this 😀

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