As most of you know i get weighed at work and give the money to charity. Im off work for the holidays so not been weighed for 3 weeks and wanted to see if i was on track to loose 12lb in 6 weeks so i bought some scales. I got on then this morning and i think they must be different to the ones at work as there is 7lb change. Although when i got on my mums at the weekend it was the same weight.


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  • Not only can different scales vary from each other by a few lbs, so too can the same scales if they are placed on different surfaces, eg carpet or floor boards. It is best to stick with one set, in the same place, and at the same time of day.

  • Scales are definitely a funny breed Kaydenmummy 😉

    At the start of my journey someone told me to always weigh on the same scales at the same time once a week.

    Your weight can vary quite considerably (even over the day) depending on water, food and toileting (sorry to be crude!). Also make sure you weigh in the same spot on the floor each time as this can also make a difference.

    Who would of though weighing yourself would be so complicated!!

    Maybe stick with your new scales and then see how much they differ when you return to work.

    In the mean time ... a big WELL DONE on your 7lb loss 😀

    Claire x

  • I hope it is 7lb loss. We will see in 3 weeks when i go back to work

  • Fingers crossed that it's even more 👍🍾💖😆

  • Kayden

    I sure it must be the scales ,just don't cheat for the rest of the time you are off work ,good luck x

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