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Formby beach

I had a love,y walk this morning with my sister and dog on formby beach . I'm still recovering from an op so can't run yet ,and am looking for some activity that is not too challenging . We had a lovely walk in the red squirrel area then went on to the beach . We where lucky enough to be greated by about 6 seals enjoying the early sun ( before the rain started ) .Prestley basset hound extrodanaire made the rather exiting find of an old washed up fish that delighted every hair in his body when he rolled in it ! He smelt a lot better after a deep paddle

All finished off with a lovely turkey salad and pot of tea in a local tea shop . I think I can get used to this not being at work life :-)

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how lovely to see the seals, not so lovely the dead fish smell! Sounds like you've had a smashing day 😊


The smell was only delightful to a dog !

We did have a lovely day thanks.

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Glad you enjoyed your walk 😊 What is it with dogs and yukky smells??! Lol 😊


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