is this normal?

This happens to me all the time. When I start seeing results, losing weight my binges is so frustrating and I do not know how to got around it. I usually try to walk it off but today I went straight for the fridge...and I went auto pilot...I know is not the end of the world...I am just feeling a bit frustrated...has anybody experienced this before?


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8 Replies

  • Look at post from lesstolose in response to Jweanie entitled Feeling Sad. You tube link explains.

  • Really interesting video, thank you so much

  • Yes you are normal. 😊tomorrow is a fresh start 👍

  • I do it all the time, Maria. do not feel alone. it is like subconsciously I am afraid I will fail so I do in a manner of speaking. I am eating sweets again- I cannot seem to stop. I know I need to but I cant quit. I don't really know why I sabotage myself, it is a habit I cannot get rid of. well I know I can so I am going to try again to stop eating sweets. you and I can stop this madness of circling around together. if you get discouraged, post and I will try to help you chin up! when you feel a binge coming on, exercise or drink some water or maybe some sugar free gum. if you are really hungry, you still will be after about 10 minutes and you can eat if you want. my husband says if you crave one thing, to eat it which I think is a good idea, but I am taking advantage of that and eating way too much of some things. I need to take my own advice and eat some sugar free gum! I know this works as I have done it before. just chin up! you can do this! so can I!

  • Snap!!! But we CAN do it! 🍑🍒🍐🍏🍓🚵🏊

  • Yes i do all the time. Do not ask me why clueless!! It as if you are doing this kicks in. then out comes the Sabotage monster to destroy. all good goes out of the window start of downward spiral.

  • Thanks for your messages guys, much appreciated. After I watched that video a few things are making more sense. I need to work on my strategies to cope with stress as well as in preventing getting to that place (too stressed to cope place).

    I realised what was caused my binge and next time I will be a bit more understanding and caring to myself. If I am not careful I would say horrible things to myself.

    What works right now is talk to myself the way I would talk to a friend.

    I hope you are doing ok

  • I have done it for the last 3 days a variety of reasons. So it is normal. Get rid of the bad stuff and replace with good. If like me however I have biscuits and chocolate in because if I can't have it want it more. Your mind will in time train itself to say no, in my fridge is cream cheese, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, hummus, lettace. Freezer variety of frozen fruit, cupboard meringues, gluten free biscuits and chocolate the sweetest type so you only have small amout to satisfy that sweet tooth.

    Don't beat yourself up just keep on going you can do it.

    Good luck


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