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Hi all,

Not really sure what I'm meant to write here but just wanted to share my story, my weight has got out of control and I need to lose 6 and half stone! I've made the first step on cutting out my very unhealthy addiction to Red Bull - I'm on my fourth day of cold turkey! Yay me! Hoping this will reflect on the scales with a lb or two loss and then I can really start on my healthy eating and lose the rest! Wish me luck, I think I'll need it!


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12 Replies

  • Good luck, great first step. Get rid of all the sugar and then you won't feel so hungry.

  • This is spot on, I cut out sugar on June 4 and my appetite has halved.

  • I've never taken sugar in drinks and I don't drink cola etc. but I do have a biscuit or two (not every day) and cutting them out made so much difference.

  • Hi and good luck. Just concentrate on the new "you" and keep moving forwards.

  • Good luck drink loads of water instead I buy limes and lemons cut them up freeze them then add a piece to my water bottle and drink that all day at work just keeping topping up with water

  • Hey... I had to cut out rockstar from my diet when I started eating more healthily. I've got just a wee bit more than you to lose, I'm certain when you see a difference on the scales next week you will feel amazing! Good luck x

  • Hi cutting out the Red Bull has got to make a difference. Lots of sugar in one can. Well done for lasting 4 days. Keep going and you will definitely get over those cravings. Best of luck :)

  • You do right tackling one thing at a time 😊 A journey is made up of small steps 😊 I started out aiming for loss of 5% of body weight, proven to improve health. Then 10%. Never believed I would be here almost a year on 😊

    Lots of help and support on here 😊 Look out the newbies post, lots of info in there 😊 Very best wishes 😊

  • Good luck and well done on what you've achieved so far!

  • Hi, congratulations on cutting out the Red Bull. That alone should make a difference to your weight. Good luck. Thats one thing we all need!

  • Hi. Take it one day at a time. You've made a good start so far. You're here with lots of others in the same boat, some of us much further down the line than others. They're a great inspiration of what can be achieved when we put our mind to it. Keep going.

  • Just found your post whilst looking at the "Near me" section.

    With regards to cutting out Red Bull - friend at work had a cola problem. He went cold turkey in January 2015, and to date has lost 6 stone. Keep going - it's tough to loose weight, but it will be worth it.

    Best of luck to you.

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