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School Holidays!

First day of my six week holiday today. A good start...... I went on 3 walks today. 2 with dear old dog and one on my own. My Fitbit says I've walked 15,124 steps, which is 6.51 miles with 140 active minutes! Wow, no wonder my hips hurt! Still, I'm sure it's good for me......sigh. Shame I only spent half an hour on light housework! Hey ho. It'll keep! Week Fifteen weigh in tomorrow. 2st 10lbs so far. Very happy with this......thanks for all the support on here. 😊💕

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wow, that's a massive weight loss in 14 weeks, I'm in awe! and well done on all this steps 😊

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That woud fit perfectly in this post sortra.com/how-to-stay-styl... . You did a great job


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