Woohoo! Finally!

Some of you might know that I have been posting about how I feel clothes are fitting me better and how I am just generally less bloated etc. So all these weeks (2 months!) It was just me who really felt the change. Now... last night I bumped into a friend (maybe thats too strong.. an acquaintance is more like it) who never really has anything good to say about anything.. looked at me and at first glance said "hey.. u have lost weight!".. my face went red I think.. and I remember tightening my belly or abs..(hahaha). It was a moment where all the hard work of these 2 months finally made sense! A long way to go yet..! So for those just starting off, dont lose hope just yet!

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  • Great to get some encouraging comments - even if said with a tinge of envy by others around you. People definitely treat you with more respect when you are slimmer, so well done, and on we go....!

  • I d accept the compliment and get used to receiving many many more. Well done on your weight loss. Xx

  • Great to hear 😊 I had similar from a friends husband who is renowned for not praising unless exceptional circumstances!! I was speechless!! Lol 😂😂😂 well done 😊

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