100th 5K of 2016

After six months on the IC I started running again at the beginning of this year and today was my 100th 5K of 2016. I usually run three times a week but sometimes I go overboard - like last week when I ran 6 times. I'm now on week six of the NHS 12 week plan and happy to say that daily I am drinking more water, getting at least five-a-day fruit and veg down my gob and have added in strength training to avoid getting 'old wifie' arms! My weight is on a s l o w but downward trend and I'm now in (just) a healthy BMI range....and to top it all the sun is shining! Hope everyone is having a great day...


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5 Replies

  • Hi Jenyfer,

    Wow, that is a great achievement!!! Congratulations on doing your 100th 5K of 2016, and to achieving a healthy BMI range - wow - that is fantastic!!! Plus, as you say, the sun is shining. 8-)

    Wishing you a great weekend and many more excellent runs to come!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Zest I was thinking of this forum when I struggling at the halfway point but like the energiser bunny I kept on going ;) I'm sure running is 95% head 5% body....

  • It sounds like you're doing ace Jennyfer - congrats on reaching a healthy BMI. I definitely recommend strength training too. What exercises are you doing for your arms? All I've found so far that really helps in tricep dips. Although recent forays into gardening (mostly digging-related activities) seem to be having an effect too - as in my arms are saying "ouch"!

  • I'm doing tricep kickbacks, upward rows (more for chest/shoulders), biceps curls and overhead presses (for me the most difficult). I use 3kgs hand weights, 17 reps each exercise (building up to 20) three times throughout the day on my three 'run' days only. So in three weeks time I should be doing 180 of each exercise weekly...I've got an acre and a half to look after and I find I need to keep fit to do that rather than the gardening keeping me fit ;)

  • Wow, for me gardening is a new thing, I've only had balconies before, so I'm realising just how much work it is. Thanks for the upper arm exercise tips! I definitely need to work on that area, as you say partly it's to get the strength I need to manage my garden in the first place, although mine is slightly smaller!

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