Back from my anniversary weekend away

Back from my anniversary weekend away

And I've been such a bad girl. Don't get me wrong. I wouldn't change a thing I've done. But by golly.... the hotel gave us free cocktails. But hubby doesn't drink, and I hate bypassing a good Freeby. Plus we had 2 rrrreally good meals. Although in all fairness I couldn't eat them all as my tummy has shrunk a bit.

I'm hoping when I step in the scales in the morning that I'm not seeing the dreaded 18 again after all my hard work. That would be seriously depressing. Back to it this week. I will leave you all with a photo of my anniversary present as they would lift anyone's spirits (they have flashing lights too!!!!!) xxx much love

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  • Looks like you got away with it, just 1lb gain! Happy anniversary and I hope you get to wear those new shoes as much as possible :)

  • I'm glad you had a fab time bbt and don't worry about the scales, those terrific shoes will have you dancing all the way to the 16's in no time! :)

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