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Hi everyone. Hope you're all having a good weekend. Just downloaded an app called "Lose it!" as despite its popularity, I couldn't get on with My Fitness Pal.

Just was interested to see whether anyone else has used it and what they think? I'm a bit of a technophobe - I don't do any of the social networking sites and I've only been using this a few days and find it really simple. A bit like me really lol

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.



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8 Replies

  • Hi Isou7000,

    Just wanted to wish you a great weekend. I don't have experience with that app you've mentioned, but I hope you get on with it ok. Hopefully someone will have used it and can give you some pointers!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you. Have a lovely WE too 😊

  • Hi, I didn't get on with MFP either, I recently bought a tracker and that has an app with it, so far I'm getting on with that ok. Pleased you have found one that you are happy with 😊

  • Thank you 😊

  • Hi, I have been using the lose it app since last Tuesday and find it brilliant. It is so easy to use and I am not brilliant at using these things. Kee with it and good luck, I will gladly give and advise on using it if I can 😀

  • Thanks Tiffany. Great to hear that!

    Did you try any other apps before this one?

    I think what encourages me the most is seeing when I'm near my daily calorie limit and know that if I snack, I will go over 😊

  • Hi, i have used my fitness pal, weight watchers and the biggest looser before! I like Lose it because when you log everything through the day it then gives you the date when you will reach your goal weight. That keeps me focused. Wishing you luck 😄

  • Thanks and you too!

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