A single happy guy with no baggage and nice personality that wishes he could get the motivation to get motivated

A single happy guy with no baggage and nice personality that wishes he could get the motivation to get motivated

At 54 and a little overweight at 16 stone 10 lb. I know I should be fitter and slimmer and I still am inside, its only when I look in a mirror, catch myself in a reflection of a shop window or walk up a hill puffing I know I'm not fit enough and overweight.

It does not help that my self esteem is a little low along with my mood.

I work hard but its not a really physical job.

When I do go for a walk I love it and enjoy myself, I have a runtastic app running I even purchased a Fitbit, but :-(

Its mainly my tummy but if that goes the rest will trim up with it.

How do I get my get up and go back?

How do I get motivated?

Its so easy to sit in the chair when I get home from work.

I'm posting a photo in the hope this will encourage me to look better.


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  • Hi. What a great photo , posting on this forum is excellent , and the start of great things . I bet your next year photo on the bike will be an even fitter you . I always think if you can ride a bike like that you can do anything .

  • Thank you Mollydex

  • Plan, and imagine life easier slimmer, then really want to do it

  • I'm planning, thank you

  • It gets easier, just had scrambled eggs and smoked salmon with toast, hunger over takeaway won! Plus I was debating that takeaway

  • I am cooking a steak tonight, is that bad

  • Depends on the size of the steak, ideally around 100g

  • I really recommend trying couch to 5k, look up the podcasts. Only 9 weeks, and for me the inches really came off. Then the weight loss afterwards, as once you've started running it's addictive...

  • Well I have done stage one, I have down loaded the app, thanks

  • Time for a mid-life adventure! Book yourself a flying lesson or a drive in a race-car or a bungee jump? Book it for a couple of months away, and promise yourself you will be a stone lighter by then.

    Anything to get the adrenaline buzzing, and to give yourself a focus for getting fit again.

    Lastly - think of the fuel you will save if you are 2 stone lighter when you take the bike out...?!!

  • Thank you, good idea, just booked my self a 16 day break over Christmas near some mountains where I WILL walk

  • Hi and welcome lots of people on here who give fantastic advice. First have you read the newbies post on the right hand side of the screen? Lots of info on there also different challenges you can join, there is also a Monday weigh in session most of the info for these are on the pinned posts section.

    For your calorie allowance check the BMI calculator giving height, weight, gender, age and activity levels at the present time this gives you a guide to your calorie allowance but you will need to alter this as your weight loss journey develops.

    This is a fantastic forum I check daily for encouraging stories and advice etc. I am currently on week 9 of the 12 week plan it is so easy to download and follow filling in the sheets daily.

    I also have a fit bit it is brilliant to check/log calories eaten and allowed, steps, sleep and heart rate when exercising etc.

    Hope you manage to find your way around the forum. I am sure one of the admin team will be welcoming you shortly.

    Lovely bike by the way 🏍my daughter has just bought herself a Triumph Daytona 650, so I panic every time she goes out on it, she is a brill rider but it's the other road users you worry about. Good Luck on your journey. Bev👍😊

  • Thank you for your words, Get your daughter to join the advanced bike riding course with the IAM, its not as scary as it sounds and it makes you a much safer rider, if she want tips or advice, message me,

    You could buy her a course on a gift card iamroadsmart.com/

  • Hi thanks for that advice I will show her your reply and the gift course is a brill idea from my point of view. I know in our area you can book on a course with the police I don't know if it's any different but I will check them out. Good luck on week 1 Bev

  • Hi Bev

    The Police BikeSafe course is good but they will recommend the IAM after. Maybe do the Police one then as Christmas is coming, buy her a voucher, it gets a little cheaper around Christmas keep an eye out on the website

  • Ok I will thanks for the advice👍

  • Good luck! You are young and can do this! At the end of the day fuel in and fuel out. If you eat too much, you will put on weight - so try reducing calories to shift whatever weight you want to get rid of (it feels so lovely when you achieve it!).

    Itsbab have given loads of good advice. The nhs plan is really very good and effective if you follow it.

    Keep posting on here too and you will get lots of support - so much easier doing it with others rather than alone. Keep focussed and don't let anyone or anything distract you!

  • Thank you

  • We are all on this journey together , there are fantastic people on this forum who support each other through the highs & lows & there is lots of useful links as well.

    For me , the most important thing I keep reminding myself is that if I have a bad day , that I must just say to myself that tomorrow is another day .

    I have to learn to make sure I eat normally during my journey or I will just get fed up & go on a binge & end up back at square one. That's where previous attempts have failed where I lost the weight but put most back on again.

    Everyone will have a different route on the journey but with dedication & the support of this forum we can all end up feeling healthier & hopefully happier as the end.

    Good luck

  • Thank you for your words

  • Great photo...we ALL REALLY want to be slimme r but it's not that simple or we wouldn't all be here...but with support from each other...and the lovley comment..(if you can ride a bike like that you can do anything) you sound like a lovley man....only YOU can look like the man you are feeling inside...I've struggled and waisted so much time being over weight...the but of family jokes....I started with a vlcd.it was so hard to start..but gave me the kick start I needed...and a few months later I'm feeling normal at last...best wishes x

  • Thank you Tess, I can only but try.

    I like a bit of meat on the bones no one looks good skinny, I hope when I get the correct motivation I don't go too far.

  • I'm the same way when I get off work. No matter how many times I promise myself I'll go swimming when I get off it never happens. By then I'm just to tired to care! I find that either first thing in the morning or on my lunch break is the best time. I still have the motivation to get moving then as I'm essentially already on the move. I would say find the time that works best for you and something you enjoy doing. There's not much point in trying to do an activity you can't stand as that will sabotage your motivation.

    I don't have anything to add to what others have ably said about calories so I'll stick to the exercise front. :)

    Good luck and I know you'll get there. After all, the rest of us have been there as well and we're here for each other all the way so we can't help but succeed! :D

  • Thank you

  • Great photo, just enjoy life and read what these lovely people tell you, they usually get it right.

    Have fun and a great weekend

  • Cheers for your words

  • Lovely photo wishing you loads of luck we are all here to support you Looking forward to hearing about your progress Fantastic you have booked your holiday that's a goal to lose weight for

    All the best and welcome

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