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Hello ! .. is it too late to start again?!

Hi Folks

I came across this site by accident after pondering c25k for some time.. I've attempted it before with my husband but didn't get very far and of course.. as per usual.. gave up and went back to the fridge..

I'm late 40's and come from a family with major weight issues across the generations.. of course that's only part of the issue.. the rest is the stuff I put in my body !

It's getting time (again) to address the flab.. I'm often feeling so tired that my arms are drained of all power and my head could literally fall on the desk @ work.. not sure if that is a sugar crash or just being overweight.. does anyone else get that?!

I'm a secret eater.. there I said it.. my friend often used to comment on the fact I ate well so never understood it.. I think my siblings are too.. I am expert in hiding the packaging.. I don;t binger / purge.. just occasional binge.. but not in the mass volumes you see on the TV. I can;t explain why / where it came from.. going up in the 70's we were never far from chips when the budget was tight..

Diet drinks are shipped to my home by the gallon - love them.. No.. 'm not afraid of water and will happily drink that too..

I can lose weight like there's no tomorrow when i am in the zone.. after that it can take me a month to shift half a pound.. I'm sure it is easier to move objects with my mind on those occasions

Would love to give this site a go - discreetly.. So many programmes out there say.. tell your friends / co-workers.. er no, this is a very private battle .. very british I guess

My lovely husband has never said a word on my size.. other than showing appreciation for when my weight has dropped but being frank.. i feel as attractive a beach ball..

I need to find some leisure clothes that don't make me look like a michelin man and get out there - just shame it's not winter and the village cannot see what it going on..

I'd really like to keep in touch with this site / forum discreetly.. is there an app I can access it from? It's not just my lifestyle i need to address.. it's my long history as a luddite too..

Any advice on either front would be very welcome ... looking forward to chatting with you

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Fit by 50, fit by 50, fit by 50! I missed my chance but feel free to take up that mantra :)

I am the same and I cook healthy and eat healthy in public but binge'ing on the couch in private was my my area of expertise.

You do not want to mention your diet because you are scared of failing and also do not want people hassling you if you go off course, so that when you have a hankering for that cake or chocolate no one will remind you that you are on a diet,

Its similar to an alcoholic who never admits to a problem so therefore no one can say anything about it or a secret smoker who mysteriously disappear occasionally and reappears smelling smokey/minty all of a sudden.

99% of people WANT to support and help you and when other people know you become more accountable to yourself.

Its time to believe in yourself and your journey.

You CAN do this. Why continue to be miserable, feeling drained and unhappy and horrible. Refuse to be scurrying around hiding your snacks and guilty treats because that in itself can wear you out.

Be accountable and ask others to help.

You can do this. :)


hello, the first step is the hardest!! and you've just done that! so well done.

Just try to set smaller goals to start maybe , such as a 20 minute fast paced walk 3 times a week and build on that?? also try an app such as myfitness pal which will count the calories you eat,( just take care to measure food as I personally tend to overestimate portion sizes), this can be as public or as private as you wish.

good luck on your journey x


Get yourself on the 12 week nhs plan (just google nhs calorie counter and you will get the site). Download the myfitnesspal ap to log your calories. Check in with the Monday weigh-in to help stay on track.

If you want to do it you can. Just need to create a very solid routine of healthy eating patterns and exercise and stick with it.

Good luck x

ps I think one of our fab 5 leaders will respond and give you an official welcome soon. Please keep posting as it inspires and motivates everyone... various fun challenges are also posted on the links on the right.

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Hello cakeaddict

Like many people on here I have also been a yoyo dieter all my life, but this time, something has changed in my head 😊 I was just feeling so old, I'd just had surgery for arthritic ankle, and was in a very black place.

I started out with small goals, lose 5% in 8 weeks for my sons wedding, ❤️ Then 10%, I was assured this would make a real difference to my health, and it did. 😊❤️

As the year has passed, I started to be able to exercise more, and the last stumbling block was giving up Diet Coke, which has had a major effect on my taste buds and helped tremendously to conquer my sweet tooth. 😊

But each of these things were tackled one at a time, gradually changing my lifestyle and creating "lean habits" (although some people go all out from the start! )

For me, like many on here, this is absolutely not a diet, I follow a generous eating plan, with lots of treats. You don't have to reduce your calories by many to see (and feel) a real difference 😊 It's important to enjoy the process, to not feel deprived, if we really want to maintain it long term. 😊

Last thing (sorry for such a long post) have you had your thyroid checked? I felt as if my arms and legs were weighed down with lead weights, and it was an under active thyroid. 😕

Very best wishes 😊

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A lot of questions in your post. I can help you with a few, starting with how to secretly access this site. I mostly access it from my phone, but as far as I'm aware there's no app. I just use my google app, search for healthunlocked.com and log in. If I do want to access it from a computer I use Chrome, then open an incognito page, this stops it listing every page I view in my browser history. Just helps me keep things a bit more private. I was also similarly private about logging my food on the myfitnesspal app, often typing most of the day's meals in advance before I went out in the morning, this is actually a good thing to do as it's then all planned and calorie counted. With couch to 5k, I started in fairly normal looking clothes - straight legged track suit trousers, long sleeve tshirt, cardigan and an old pair of converses. I went out early before my boyfriend woke up, walked to the nearest place which felt fairly deserted (for me that was the canal), then tried to really focus on the podcast for each run and just do it. Once you've done the 5minute warm up walk, its only 20minutes of walking/running in intervals, then you go home again. Go on, you can do it :)


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