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Anyone following slimming world

Was doing calories but hubby is hungry all the time ove slipped back into my choc habit only a little bit but I need a fresh start, so thinking of joining a slim world group.

Not well at the moment though as I have to go to dentist tonight ( big phobia) 😱 but my wisdom tooth coming through and the pain is chronic not slept for 3 nights hipefully once that's sorted I will be better

Group near me is tues morning so I can commit to that as I work late shifts. Anyone lost weight and kept it off?

❤️ Alyson

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Hello Aly36

Most people on here follow the NHS 12 week plan, look for the pinned post 'welcome newbies' for more information 😊 It's free and you get weekly emails, have a look, any questions just ask 😊 Good luck


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